Mystery surrounds case of man who was hit by ‘ghost gunshot’

The man had been walking outside when he was hit by a bullet that seemed to come out of nowhere.

The peculiar incident, which happened last Thursday in the town of Frauenfeld in Switzerland, involved a 38-year-old man who had been outside with his two children and another adult when he suddenly felt an intense, sharp pain in his lower body.

When he went to the emergency room at the local hospital he was told by doctors that he had in fact been shot and that the bullet was still lodged inside him.

Fortunately his injuries were not severe and doctors were able to remove the bullet and treat the wound, however nobody could explain exactly where the bullet had come from.

At the time of the shooting neither he, nor anyone he was with, had heard any sort of gunshot and there had been no sign of anyone with a gun in the vicinity.

The bullet itself hasn’t revealed much in the way of clues either other than the fact that the gun was likely a very low calibre weapon otherwise it would have done much more damage.

A police investigation has since been launched in an attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery.

“Maybe a kid was playing with an airgun,” said weapons expert Martin Eerhard. “If a small-caliber weapon was actually involved, someone must have handled the firearm with gross negligence.”

Source: Oddity Central