2023 Predictions: What did “Prophets” Foresee?

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As the world settles into the year 2023, there is much speculation and anticipation surrounding what this year may hold. With numerous events and developments on the horizon, it appears that 2023 could prove to be a year marked by both uncertainty and intrigue. This article takes a closer look at some of the predictions and trends that may shape the course of the year ahead.

Predictions for 2023

From potential conflicts to financial turbulence and natural catastrophes, 2023 promises to be a year of unprecedented change and mystery. Let’s explore what some of history’s most renowned prophets and modern-day sources predict for the year ahead, now that we are well into 2023.

The Looming Threat of War

Nostradamus, the famed 16th-century prophet, has long warned of a “seven months great war” with many casualties. With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine exceeding that duration, fears of a more significant and devastating confrontation are on the rise. Another cryptic prediction from Nostradamus mentions “an agreement broken,” potentially foreshadowing the disastrous violation of a peace treaty.

Baba Vanga, a 20th-century Bulgarian clairvoyant, also foresaw darkness in our time, with some interpretations of her visions suggesting the deployment of biological weapons by a “big country.”

Political Turbulence on the Horizon

The end of the Cold War in the late 20th century led many to believe that we had entered a new era of political stability. However, the resurgence of Russian aggression, the emerging threats of a new Cold War between the West and China, and the rise of far-right ideologies on social media have created a volatile political landscape.

The Chinese zodiac reveals that 2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit, which last occurred in 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Could this year bring a similarly earth-shattering political event?

Even AI, when consulted by the Futurist Think Tank, predicted “shifting geopolitical power from west to east” and increased competition for resources, as well as ongoing conflicts and civil wars.

Financial Turbulence and the Impact of AI

Speaking of AI. As AI continues to transform industries, over 50% of organizations surveyed by Deloitte plan to incorporate AI in 2023. While the potential benefits are enormous, the mass disruption caused by AI could lead to further financial turbulence.

Nostradamus predicted our current economic woes, alluding to rising living costs and dire consequences. Astrology expert Thierry Chow highlighted that digital and tech firms, considered “fire industries,” may struggle in the Year of the Water Rabbit, as “fire is afraid of water.”

Natural Catastrophes: A Growing Concern

Nostradamus warned of worsening climate conditions, with parched earth and devastating floods. Meanwhile, Baba Yanga predicted apocalyptic natural disasters, including a solar storm capable of destroying the world’s power grids. Research scientists Natalia Buzulukova and Bruce Tsurutani also caution that extreme space weather events could have severe consequences for humanity.

A Glimpse of Humor: Fashion Predictions from the Past

Amidst the gloom, a century-old prediction from a newspaper journalist in 1923 claimed that blackened teeth would become the height of fashion in 2023. Other amusing forecasts include women shaving their heads, gasoline being replaced by radio as a power source, and beauty contests becoming obsolete due to an abundance of beautiful people.

While some of these predictions may seem far-fetched, they serve as a reminder that the future is always uncertain and open to interpretation.