7 predictions of futurologists: How life will change in our lifetime

The science of the future, futurology, received the status of a scientific discipline. Entire large-scale departments and organizations have appeared, devoting their activities to the study of this difficult science. The leader is the International Academy for Future Studies.

Scientists have formulated the fundamental principle of futurology: “What future we imagine for ourselves – this is what we will get.” Our modern technologies in the form of computers and smartphones, artificial intelligence – all this was once predicted by someone.

Here are collected the most common predictions of futurologists and how they have already come true.

Procreation without the participation of men

Now we are on the way to it. Scientists are developing an artificial seed and are preparing to test it in the near future by fertilizing an artificially grown stem cell. In the very near future, futurologists predict that many people will refuse to have children on their own in favor of adopting a child from an orphanage.

Crisis of the institution of marriage

The rapidly growing number of divorces and civil marriages does not at all indicate the absence of family values, on the contrary, marriage simply becomes unnecessary.

A woman who has historically been assigned the function of a “keeper of the hearth” no longer sits at home (with rare exceptions), but seeks to build a career, and many in this are even more successful than men.

Futurists also predict the merging of man with the machine, and then the family will cease to have any meaning at all.

The era of longevity

The average age promises to rise to 150 years, and although many would say that this is impossible, many doctors in Europe are already seeing babies who, according to their predictions, will live much longer than average.

In this case, a person up to about 90 years old will remain outwardly attractive and active.

Robot Animals

Pets, which require constant care, are already beginning to burden the life of a modern person. Over time, according to the predictions of futurologists, if a child bothers with a request to buy a dog, it will be possible to go not to a pet store, but to a so-called toy store, where the choice of a pet will be even much wider.

The first robotic fish are already on sale, and the robotics department responsible for the production of artificial animals is developing at an incredible pace.

Telepathy on the Internet

Previously, even voice functions seemed something incredible and available only on expensive models of devices, but now everyone has the opportunity to just say “ok, Google” and get answers to any questions of interest.

American bioengineer Adam Wilson has already demonstrated the ability to send messages with a limited number of characters (for example, as on Twitter – up to 140) with the power of thought alone.

3D printers will be able to produce food and clothing

In theory, such a printer can easily replace a cook and cope with his work in a matter of minutes, you just need to load the cartridge with the right substances and set up the program.

As for clothes, a couple of years ago, a graduate of the Israel College presented the first collection printed on a printer. But it took her about 20 days for each dress, and the samples came out too heavy. But this is only the beginning.

Changing attitudes towards waste

As relevant as ever, right? Right now, the construction of waste incinerators is being planned again, and public activists are paying more and more attention to environmental problems and possible solutions, which include waste sorting and a complete rejection of the use of plastic, which, by the way, European states are going to do.