Americans are sure that the US authorities are hiding the truth about aliens

About 62% of Americans believe in the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization. According to a survey by Morning Consult / Politico, 79% of them believe that the government is hiding the truth about aliens from its citizens, reports

The number of votes was divided between representatives of various US political parties. Among Democrats, 68% believe in the existence of aliens, and among Republicans, only 55% agree with the statement.

According to the survey, the older an American gets, the less he believes in UFOs.

Among young people from 10 to 25 years old, 76% of respondents say that aliens exist. About 72% of US citizens under the age of 42 have maintained a belief in UFOs.

Among Americans under the age of 59, 59% continue to assert the existence of extraterrestrial life, and after 60, only 54% believe in aliens.

Specialists from Russia and China could be far ahead of their American counterparts in the study of UFOs. Ufologist Nick Pope said that the Pentagon could oversleep a hidden threat to US security.