Ancient Advanced Technology: Heptagram’s Found All Over the World Indicate Unknown Drilling Techniques

Advanced technology existed in the past: Heptagram’s found all over the world indicate unknown drilling techniques. These are found in Norway, Australia, United Kingdom and even in South and Central America.

This mysterious star has been found in different corners of the world. Its origin and purpose are unknown. This mysterious “star” was discovered in Norway and according to ancient astronaut theorists, this remarkable structure provides evidence of the existence of advanced technology in antiquity.

The discovery was made on November 30th, 2007, when a construction worker found the mysterious hole drilled inside a rock, it looked like a 7 sided star, something that he had not seen before.

After 8 years, this incredible finding seems to baffle anyone who has looked at it and nobody seems to have seen a star similar to the 7 sided star, nor has anyone been able to explain how it was done.

Geologists, drilling engineers and scientists across the country have been contacted, but so far no one has come up with an answer of how this remarkable hole was made.

Several newspapers, local and national, have been trying to find the solution, but none have succeeded.

On the inside the hole is completely smooth, and the seven sides, about 6 cm in diameter have a perfectly symmetrical shape with a background that has a very smooth and polished surface. The hole was drilled directly through the sediment layers, and was not made parallel.

Many theories have been presented about the origin of the hole, but so far no scientist has been able to explain its origin or the technology used to create it.

According to; The diameter of the hole is approx 65 – 70 mm. Currently nobody knows how far the hole extends, and how it was formed.

Ancient civilizations on Earth had an advanced drilling technology and evidence can be found in all corners of the world, only these can explain the mysterious and perfectly symmetrical star:

We do not know what kind of equipment was used to create these perfect holes. Nor do we know what kind of unknown civilization possessed these remarkable engineering skills in antiquity.

These stones are very hard, yet impressive technique were used which allowed someone to shape stones very easily. all of this seems to reveal that our ancestors were familiar with an advanced technology that we have been unable to replicate in modern times.