Artificial intelligence can destroy humanity in this century

Experts from the University of Oxford have expressed concern about the high pace of development of artificial intelligence. Work on its improvement goes uncontrollably. This could lead to a global catastrophe, experts warn.

Scientists appealed to the British Parliament’s Select Committee on Science and Technology and spoke about the impending threat. If urgent and decisive measures are not taken, the situation will become completely uncontrollable.

As a result, by the end of this century, humanity may be destroyed by a machine “civilization”, reports the Daily Mail.

Huge amounts of money are being poured into the development of artificial intelligence technologies, Oxford analysts recall. Neural networks have already been introduced into many branches of human activity, replacing people: in technology, programming, even in the fields of art.

Their possibilities are expanding more and more. This is a threat no less powerful than nuclear weapons, scientists warn.

AI systems have already learned how to defeat people in the gaming field, where you need to be able to hide your steps and intentions. And this art of cunning, not demonstrating true plans is extremely dangerous.

Oxford specialists are calling on colleagues around the world to pay attention to the problem and stop the “AI arms race”. Otherwise, death threatens all mankind.