Clip of saucer-shaped ‘UFO’ goes viral on TikTok

Footage of a large disc-shaped object emerging from the clouds has racked up millions of views on social media.

The clip, which was posted up by TikTok user Nesha Higgins, shows a very thin, very wide ‘flying saucer’ emerging from a large clump of clouds somewhere over the United States.

“What is that ? It’s the craziest s**t I’ve ever seen in my life,” a female voice can be heard saying.

The video soon went viral, with the original TikTok video attracting 451,000 ‘likes’ and a re-upload on Twitter receiving almost 4 million views at the time of writing.

Some social media users have suggested that the footage could be some form of marketing for director Jordan Peele’s upcoming science-fiction horror movie ‘Nope’, however the man himself actually replied to the posting on Twitter, writing “That one’s not mine.”

In truth, the most likely explanation for the phenomenon is that it is a lenticular cloud – a type of cloud that appears as a vivid disc-shaped formation that can often be mistaken for a UFO.