Dan Aykroyd Thinks Aliens Have Been ‘Coming and Going Like Taxis’

Dan Aykroyd, the Canadian actor, writer, and all-around entertainment powerhouse, thinks all of those UFO sightings published in the U.S. government’s recent intelligence report are indeed alien technology. Not only that, but he believes aliens have been “coming and going like taxis” for some time.

The Ghostbusters star is reprising his role as Dr. Raymond Stantz in the franchise’s newest installment, Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Ahead of the November 19 premiere, Aykroyd talked to The Hollywood Reporter about everything from his career to, yes, his opinion on the results of the government intelligence report.

“These pilots are professionals, and they know what they saw. And their cameras and equipment picked it up. That’s a reality. You can have all kinds of opinions, but the reality is these objects are coming and going and are now captured on more sophisticated equipment. They have been coming and going like taxies for years,” Aykroyd told The Hollywood Reporter.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the latest UFO news, the U.S. government published a report that saw the Pentagon analyze 144 separate UFO (or unidentified aerial phenomena—UAP) reports from military personnel.

Dan Aykroyd Sees the Intelligence Report as Shift in Government Policy
It’s important to note that no one here is claiming these UFO cases represent alien technology. We’ll leave that up to the Outsiders’ discretion. But Dan Aykroyd is of the opinion that they’re aliens. He also believes that the government’s willingness to publish the reports from military personnel is approaching an admission of their existence.

“I don’t think [the government is] even denying it anymore. That was an old Brookings Institution study in 1958: Don’t tell the public, they’ll panic. They won’t respect the cop on the beat, the priest, the president, the government. They’ll say, ‘Let me talk to the alien because they have a higher power,’” Aykroyd continued.

The Pentagon report did not find evidence of alien presence or technology, to be very clear. However, it didn’t rule it out as a possibility entirely.

The report’s conclusions were, well, they left a lot to be desired. The report basically amounted to the U.S. government being unable to confirm alien technology but having no satisfactory explanations for most of the phenomena. Is their lack of denial a step closer to an admission of alien presence on Earth? Dan Aykroyd seems to think so. What do you Outsiders think?

Wherever you land on the topic, one thing’s for sure. UFOs, aliens, and government conspiracies have been a gold mine for the entertainment industry over the years.

“It’s a spectacular field for entertainment, for writers and creators to really explore some of these issues and maybe stimulate more scientific inquiry,” Aykroyd finished.