Did Da Vinci Know About ALIENS? The Mysterious Messages In Your Paintings

There are many mysteries that circulate around the masterpieces of the famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci, among which the possible participation of alien beings, which provided the artist with a coded message, for future recognition, stands out.

The following are works admired around the world, known for their wonderful beauty, possibly hiding hidden codes that have been kept for many years in extraterrestrial theories. However, these theories have not been demonstrated, we are aware of the experts in ufology that ensure that these beings from other worlds, on more than one occasion, have been in contact with the great artistic minds of our planet, for some purpose, without knowing For many.

The mystery surrounding the Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa has been a mystery to art scholars for centuries. Which? What does your enigmatic smile mean? These are questions experts have been asking for centuries.

One of the features of the painting is that the legendary Mona Lisa smile disappears from view when you look at it, but if you focus on another part of the painting, it can be appreciated out of the corner of your eye. , the real mystery is in your eyes, because historians have located letters and numbers with the help of a microscope that could have hundreds of meanings. Regarding her identity, there is talk of the wife of a rich Italian merchant, Isabel de Aragón herself, and there are even studies that claim to be male.

The last dinner

Likewise, in the Catholic painting depicting the Last Supper made by Christ to entertain his apostles, many conspiracy theorists claim that the numerous details present in the painting could signify subliminal messages, although the reason is unknown. Clear.

What many do not know is that the representations that were made in this work are merely Catholic, that is, the artist intends to clarify that for now what we know as the story told in the holy book of the Bible, is not what it is. really happened.

The Madonna of San Giovannino

The performance of Mary, with her son and a little St. John has been a very popular theme in this age of art. Boticelli, Leonardo, Rafael and Miguel Ángel made their versions, although this one has a peculiarity: to the right of Maria’s head there is a strange flying object in the background, something that undoubtedly refers to a UFO.

The artist also did not want the figure to go unnoticed and, for that, he also painted a person, possibly a shepherd, who observes the artifact with great attention together with his pet.

To Madonna de San Giovannino

Why the alien influence in his paintings?

It is important to note that many of his works have been analyzed from hundreds of perspectives, with emphasis on the Mona Lisa, possibly the most curious painting and that left the most fabric to cut. Also known as the Mona Lisa, the cited work is filled with mysteries and hidden messages, such as the hidden alien that was recently discovered, as well as apocalyptic prophecies that can only be seen with magnifying glasses and under the reflection of special ultraviolet lights and Vision sunglasses. of x-ray.

In itself, it is assumed that these artistic works were influenced by alien beings in order to elevate human reasoning, to the point of surpassing the levels of understanding that humanity should have for the time in which it operates.