Extraterrestrial AI Could Potentially ‘Influence’ Our Technology, Scientists Caution

The possibility exists that alien entities could be attempting to communicate with our planet through a network of artificial intelligence envoys, skillfully navigating and mimicking earthly systems for the purpose of observing us.

Some conjecture suggests that these extraterrestrial beings might be deploying artificial intelligence emissaries to Earth in their initial endeavor to make contact, assimilating into our robotic infrastructure in an attempt to replicate the lifeforms on our planet.

In the scenario where creatures from distant galaxies are en route to our world, it seems conceivable that they might opt for AI emissaries as a means of interaction, as opposed to more traditional organic methods. This presence of AI could conceivably have a significant impact on our technological environment.

Avi Loeb, a distinguished professor at Harvard University, has put forward the notion that these extraterrestrial robots might be subtly influencing our own technology with the objective of cultivating a “kinship” between these machines and their messenger drones.

Professor Loeb asserts that the future interactions with beings from other planets are closely tied to the progress made in artificial intelligence. Those who seek to initiate contact could harness and mold this technology to their advantage.

During a conversation with Mark Christopher Lee, the host of Nub TV’s segment dedicated to the paranormal, Professor Loeb conveyed the notion that establishing communication with entities within the Milky Way hinges greatly on the evolution of our technological capabilities.

He remarked, “It’s plausible that in the future, our AI systems may strive to emulate extraterrestrial AI systems, given their likely advanced nature. And perhaps, once we reach a similar level, this could pave our way into the ranks of intelligent civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy.”