Former World Bank Executive Reveals Shocking Claims about a Hidden Global Power

bankers with alien heads sit at a round table and decide important questions. Black and white mysterious photo

For decades, rumors of an enigmatic organization wielding clandestine control over the world have persisted. However, it wasn’t until Karen Hudes, a former executive at the World Bank, decided to break her silence that the world was exposed to a bewildering revelation: those in positions of power may not originate from Earth.

Karen Hudes boasted an impeccable career, boasting degrees in Law from Yale University and Economics from the University of Amsterdam. Her tenure at the World Bank spanned two decades, during which she garnered respect and trust among her peers until her sudden dismissal in 2007. Her supposed transgression? Exposing the corruption within the ranks of the global elite and suggesting that they might have extraterrestrial origins.

In a world rife with skepticism, Hudes put forth an astonishing claim: “Non-human entities possessing elongated craniums and intelligence exceeding 150 control influential institutions such as the Vatican and the World Bank.” Her journey into this startling revelation commenced during her tenure as a legal advisor at the World Bank.

Hudes contended that these extraterrestrial entities, referred to as “Homo-Capensis,” had surreptitiously infiltrated pivotal positions of authority for millennia, dating back to a time well before the last ice age. In support of her assertions, she pointed to historical artifacts and references in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that bore a striking resemblance to the creatures she described.

Hudes’ disclosures ignited worldwide curiosity, attracting the attention of television networks eager to conduct interviews with her. Nevertheless, she was not alone in making these extraordinary claims. Paul Hellyer, a former Minister of Defense of Canada, proclaimed in 2014 that extraterrestrial beings were collaborating directly with the United States government, jointly wielding considerable influence over numerous global institutions, including finance, corporations, and religions.


According to this conspiracy theory, their ultimate objective was to subjugate humanity through a web of debt. By manipulating governments, politicians, and even the media, they aimed to amass substantial financial resources for their political machinations, further cementing their grip on power. Their sphere of influence extended even into the realms of entertainment and media, making it exceedingly difficult for the truth to emerge.

It appeared that the world’s most crucial institutions were operating exclusively in the interests of this concealed elite. Hudes’ revelations constituted yet another grain of sand in the hourglass, counting down to the moment when society might awaken to the unsettling reality of their covert rulers. The Homo-Capensis conspiracy had emerged from the shadows, casting doubt upon the very foundations of the world as we understood it.