‘Grey’ Aliens Are Made From Human DNA, Says Pennsylvania Ufologist Professor

The most typical alien appearance that is discussed in the majority of the encounter cases is “Grey.” Also referred to as Zeta Reticulans, Roswell Greys, or Gray, they are purported extraterrestrial beings. After the 1947 crash in Nevada, Greys became a worldwide sensation. They are grey-skinned, unusually small humanoid beings that lack external human body parts such as noses, ears, or reproductive organs.

There are many theories regarding the existence of Greys, and some people claim that they are future humans who lost their ability to procreate which is why they need humans for breeding. This bizarre theory is supported by Dr. David Jacobs. According to him, grey aliens were created using abducted humans due to them having a slit for a mouth which “doesn’t make sense.”

Dr. David Jacobs, an American historian and retired Associate Professor of History at Temple University shed light on the Greys biological structure and claimed that they were created using human DNA. After highlighting the similarities in appearance between grey aliens and humans, the professor is convinced they were created from the DNA of people that had been abducted.

Dr. Jacobs is extremely passionate about ufology and regularly tells the press about his hunches and thoughts. He previously talked about the fact that aliens have been walking on Earth among people for a long time, and also that they are planning a full-scale invasion.

During an interview with Richard Dolan in 2018, Dr. Jacobs casts some light on the alien abduction phenomenon. According to Dr. Jacobs, the Greys have barely visible earholes, nose holes, and tiny little mouths. But these parts do not seem to play an important role in their physiology, because the Greys communicate telepathically with the abducted and no one has ever noticed that they were breathing.

“The question is, why do they have a slit for a mouth? They do not breathe, there’s no evidence for them breathing, and they get very very close to people, sometimes even touching foreheads,” he continued.

“I’ve asked people, ‘do you feel their breath on your face?’ The answer is always no. They don’t have lungs, they have very thin little bodies, there’s no back and forth of the lungs expanding and contracting.”

“They don’t talk, everything is telepathic. They don’t eat in the normal way that we eat. So why is that slit for a mouth there? The point is that there’s probably human DNA in those grey aliens… which allowed for the growth of grey aliens.”

“I don’t know but that’s my best guess, and it all boils down to the slit for a mouth, which they should not have. This comes as an ex-NASA scientist recently claimed that humans will make contact with aliens within the “next handful of years.”

Abduction To Invade Earth

Alien abductions have been going on for decades. It is even believed that the biblical rapture is about the mass abduction of people. Dr. Jacobs adds that the reason behind the abductions is to prepare for the invasion.

The professor revealed several of his findings in the new documentary “Extraordinary: The Revelations.” For Dr. Jacobs, the conclusion he reached after studying alien abductions is chilling; an alien species is preparing the ground to invade Earth.

“We have spread around the world and conquered as much as we can…we don’t know whether this is true of other beings or not, but it certainly is true of what humans have done. My best guess – and this is a guess – is that yeah, they’re doing the same thing,” he said.

He stated that he spoke to a large number of abductees who said that in the future, they would have a “job to do.” He suggested that many of the abductees recall receiving such “crowd control” instructions.

Dr. Jacobs also suggests that abductee testimony began to change over time. The subjects claimed to have seen human-like aliens in the UFOs. In the Corina Saebels Encounter case, he said: “A person is taken out of their normal environment, they’re then placed on this table and they have an examination of sorts and I say of sorts because it’s not a normal kind of examination routinely sperm is taken and eggs are harvested.”