Guard let the ghost of a deceased patient into the hospice, thinking it was a living person


The unique footage, filmed in Argentina, and the accompanying story, is perhaps one of the best evidence of the existence of ghosts in recent years.

A strange video captured by a security camera at an Argentine hospital-hospice shows doors opening and a night guard encountering someone unseen. But the guard himself claimed that he clearly saw this woman when she entered.

The eeriest thing is that when he later named the woman he let in, it turned out to be a hospice patient who had died a few hours earlier. It turns out that the guard saw either some kind of astral double of the patient, or her ghost.

According to the local TV channel TN, this happened in the city of Buenos Aires the other day.

At 3 o’clock in the morning, the automatic doors to the entrance to the building opened and the guard saw a tall woman entering. He asked her name and wrote down the data in the registration folder.

The woman looked ill and frail, so he offered her a wheelchair, but she refused. As to the purpose of her coming, she said that she needed to collect the personal belongings of the patient from room 915, who had died the previous day.

This room was located on the 9th floor of the building, so it was not surprising that the woman did not return for a long time. However, when the guard thought that she had been gone for too long, he contacted the employees working on the 9th floor and asked them about the visitor.

But he was told that no one had been seen on the floor at night and that there was no one in the indicated room.

Then they checked the surveillance cameras and found that the guard was talking to someone invisible. Then they checked the name written by the guard and found out that this name and surname belong to a patient who died here a little earlier in the day.