High speed UFO nearly hits hang-glider over California

high-speed object

On a clear day in February 2023, a hang glider pilot flying high in the sky over Sutter Buttes, California, was shocked when a mysterious, high-speed object suddenly appeared in his path.

According to the video (see below), the object was round and black in color, and flew at an incredibly fast speed, nearly hitting the hang glider before quickly disappearing from view.

The object which has no wings or visible propulsion has an incredible speed and can only be seen in a split second. Only after slowing down and pause the footage it reveals an object with four pinched-off corners that rests on what looks like a round disk.

Some speculate it might have been a balloon, but the object simply has too much speed to be a balloon.

It’s not the only Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon to zip past somebody’s camera phone, as another recent incident seemed to show military jets chasing a larger sphere.