Hunter captures alleged Bigfoot on camera during trip to birch forest

Another video clip of an alleged Sasquatch has appeared online – but is it really an unknown hominid or just a prankster in a suit ?

The footage, which was uploaded onto the YouTube channel ‘Nv Tv’ yesterday, begins with a brief backstory stating that the individual who submitted it was a hunter who had been out in the woods when he saw something unexpected and decided to hide in the bushes to get a closer look.

When the creature moved away he attempted to follow it but it was too quick and he couldn’t keep up.

No specific details of exactly when and where the video was recorded were provided.

The identity of the individual who submitted the clip also remains a mystery.

The footage itself, which does seem to show a bipedal hominid of some kind traipsing through the forest, is certainly interesting, but it’s impossible to tell for sure that it is a genuine creature.

As with many clips of this nature, it would be fairly easy to fake the footage and we certainly can’t rule out the possibility that it is simply a person in a Bigfoot costume.

You can check out the video for yourself below, what do you think ?