Mysteries revisited: the chilling A70 alien abduction incident

Mysteries revisited

Back in 1992, two friends had been traveling in South Lanarkshire, Scotland when they encountered something terrifying.

Ambulance technician Garry Wood and his friend Colin Wright had been driving from Edinburgh to Tarbrax on the evening of August 27th of that year and had just passed the Harperrig Reservoir at around 11:30pm when things took a rather unexpected and sinister turn.

They had initially described witnessing some sort of object hovering over the road, but then seemed to have blacked out, as the next thing they knew they were arriving at their destination almost 2 hours later than scheduled with no knowledge or recollection of what had taken place.

In the days that followed, Garry began having nightmares and felt generally unwell.

Later, the pair reached out to investigator Malcolm Robinson and ultimately ended up undergoing hypnotic regression in an effort to account for the mysterious missing time.

What they described was terrifying to say the least.

During the sessions, they revealed that their car had been approached by a group of extraterrestrial entities who forced them to undergo some form of medical examination involving electric shocks.

Colin distinctly remembered feeling searing pain in one of his eyes while Garry recalled a “buzzing black lens” that was being used to examine his body.

He also said that the aliens had communicated with them, referring to Earth as a “sanctuary” and that the potential of our species had been “capped”.

Next thing they knew, the pair had been returned to their car.

To date, their story remains one of the most compelling abduction cases ever reported.

Source: Edinburgh Live