Mystery in the Irish Skies: Pilots Share Lighthearted Moment After UAP Sighting

ufo plane245

A strange encounter over Irish airspace in the early hours of Wednesday (May 29th) led to a lighthearted exchange between pilots, as reported by aviation enthusiast Shaun Dunne (Shaun’s Aviation on Twitter).

Shortly after midnight, a pilot reported an unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) to Air Traffic Control. Details remain sketchy, but the pilot described the object as “there and then it went,” adding it appeared to be stationary before moving rapidly.

Shaun Dunne captured the following amusing conversation between two pilots following the sighting. One pilot remarked, “I’ve never seen anything amazing like that before!” Another pilot’s witty reply cracked the airwaves: “You obviously haven’t seen my landings.”

A quick comeback followed: “You haven’t seen mine either!” After this exchange, both aircraft continued on their journeys, leaving the UAP sighting and the question of pilot proficiency up in the air.