New analysis of Navy UFO video highlights problems

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A detailed analysis of the best known US Navy UFO video has provided an intriguing new perspective.

First leaked in 2017 before being formally published in 2019, the clip – sometimes referred to as the “gimbal” UFO video – shows an unidentified object being pursued at high speed by a US Navy pilot somewhere off the coast of the United States.

The object, which can be seen in the center of the frame, appears to perform various manoeuvers that should be impossible with today’s conventional aviation technology.

Whether it shows an object of extraterrestrial origin or some sort of advanced prototype vehicle of human design, the video has become the poster child of the modern UFO phenomenon.

But is everything in this footage quite as it seems ?

In a new analysis, Mick West delves deeper into the footage and finds a few irregularities which don’t debunk the video overall, but which do call into question the idea that the UAP in the center of the frame actually looked or behaved like this in real life.

You can check out his analysis in the video below.