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Guard let the ghost of a deceased patient into the hospice, thinking it was a living person

The unique footage, filmed in Argentina, and the accompanying story, is perhaps one of the best evidence of the existence of ghosts in recent years.

A strange video captured by a security camera at an Argentine hospital-hospice shows doors opening and a night guard encountering someone unseen. But the guard himself claimed that he clearly saw this woman when she entered.

The eeriest thing is that when he later named the woman he let in, it turned out to be a hospice patient who had died a few hours earlier. It turns out that the guard saw either some kind of astral double of the patient, or her ghost.

According to the local TV channel TN, this happened in the city of Buenos Aires the other day.

At 3 o’clock in the morning, the automatic doors to the entrance to the building opened and the guard saw a tall woman entering. He asked her name and wrote down the data in the registration folder.

The woman looked ill and frail, so he offered her a wheelchair, but she refused. As to the purpose of her coming, she said that she needed to collect the personal belongings of the patient from room 915, who had died the previous day.

This room was located on the 9th floor of the building, so it was not surprising that the woman did not return for a long time. However, when the guard thought that she had been gone for too long, he contacted the employees working on the 9th floor and asked them about the visitor.

But he was told that no one had been seen on the floor at night and that there was no one in the indicated room.

Then they checked the surveillance cameras and found that the guard was talking to someone invisible. Then they checked the name written by the guard and found out that this name and surname belong to a patient who died here a little earlier in the day.

Kola Superdeep Borehole: Where did the rumors about hell and demons come from?

In 1970, the drilling of a unique well was started. The Kola superdeep has a depth of 12262 meters. A huge success for Soviet specialists, but few people know that it was originally planned to descend to 15,000 meters.

The reason why the project was curtailed was political – the country in charge of drilling ceased to exist. The USSR was restructured, and with it, work on many outstanding projects was stopped.

When the mark of 12 kilometers was reached, it was reported to the whole world. People from many countries came to see the achievement. In 1990 journalists arrived from Finland. They own a report that in the bowels of our planet, researchers have discovered a real hell.

A thermal protection microphone was lowered to the deepest point of the Kola well, and it recorded a strange wailing rumble, as if the souls of the martyrs were calling for help.

In 1993, Italian journalists decided to conduct their own investigation and even allegedly found three workers who were personally involved in drilling. According to one of them, at a depth of 12,000 meters, the temperature exceeded 200 degrees.

Because of this, the equipment often broke down. They had to change drilling rigs two or three times a week – such waste and led to the closure of the project. It was not possible to reach a depth of 15 kilometers.

The second man in years told the story of the devils that drove the workers crazy. Because of such cases, an outflow of specialists began, and he also confirmed the presence of screams and noises at great depths.

The third participant in the events at the Kola super-deep well said that the workers, descending underground, were at the mercy of some forces. There is a known case when six absolutely healthy men returned from a shift in an insane state. They answered all questions that they saw demons.

We don’t know how true all these horror stories can be, but the fact that the Kola superdeep well gave the world many discoveries is a fact. Here are just a few of them:

Primitive petrified bacteria found in rock 3 billion years old.

Thanks to research, it was possible to establish that the age of the Earth is one and a half billion years older.

The temperature in the bowels of the Earth is uneven and higher than previously thought.

As for demons and hell in the depths of our planet, this is hard to believe. Working at great depths implies a strong, sometimes even shocking, impact on the psyche. In this state, anything can be imagined.

Photo Of A Priest Levitating

The case of San José de Cupertino is, without a doubt, the first of all due to the conspicuous nature of this manifestation.

Catholicism considers levitation to be a non-ordinary phenomenon that consists of a body rising over the earth, maintaining itself in the air without natural support.

In Catholic mystique, it is called ascending ecstasy and ecstatic gait when the body seems to move without touching the ground. In the studies carried out by the Bolandists, testimonies of some cases of levitation in the history of Christianity are pointed out: São José de Cupertino, São Francisco de Assis, São Tomás de Aquino, São Pio de Pietrelcina, São Martinho de Porre, Santo Afonso de Ligório, Santa Catarina de Senna, São Filipe Neri, São Pedro de Alcântara, São Francisco Xavier, Santa Teresa de Jesus, São João da Cruz, São Stephen of Hungary.

The original photo is displayed in a memorial in honor of Fr. Giovanni Sala.

The case of San José de Cupertino is, without a doubt, the first of all due to the conspicuous nature of this manifestation.

The Church explained this phenomenon as an advance of the gift of agility proper to glorious bodies. As a rule, mystical levitation is verified while the patient is in ecstasy and, if the body rises a little, it is called ascension ecstasy; if it rises high, it is called an ecstatic flight; and if you start walking fast off the ground, but without touching it, it’s called ecstatic walking

The Priest in the photo is a Jesuit Father named Fr. Giovanni Sala, the photo is real. Until his death, Fr. Giovanni Sala, SJ, was a student of Bernard Lonergan, a translator of Lonergan’s work into Italian and German, and a world-class Kant scholar. His writings below have been translated into English with support from members of the Lonergan Institute for the ‘Good Under Construction’ in Washington, DC.

Disappearing boy on the fairground: Another glitch in the Matrix?

In Malaysia, parents and their son came to ride the rides and put the boy on a children’s carousel, while they themselves began to shoot him on the phone. Another boy was sitting next to their son, but he somehow mysteriously disappeared in a matter of seconds and no one understood where he had gone.

A very mysterious video (see below) was recently posted on TikTok and soon went viral on social media. Some call it another “glitch in the Matrix”, others write that the missing boy was an obvious ghost, others skeptically assure that the video is just a montage, that is, a fake.

Nur Afrina Rosni, 30, and her husband came with their 5-year-old son, Muiz Afran, to a fair in Johor, Malaysia. Muiz wanted to ride on a bright carousel and his parents allowed him to ride alone, because adults were not allowed.

They began to film their son riding on video, and soon noticed a very strange detail – the disappearance of a boy who was sitting in the same yellow cart with their son.

The boy disappeared in just a couple of seconds, during the time that the carousel made one revolution.

However, the boy definitely couldn’t fall anywhere, because the cart device would sound an alarm if the safety bar was raised.

At the same time, this protection is common to two chairs, so Muiz would also be at risk of falling, but at the end of the trip he was in his place with the protective bar lowered.

Strange Bipedal Creature Caught On Surveillance Camera Near Texas Zoo

A Reddit user posted a picture that, according to his description, was taken recently by a surveillance camera installed near an 8-foot (2.5 meters) fence that runs along the perimeter of the Amarillo Zoo in Texas, USA.

In a photo dated May 21, 2022, an incomprehensible creature is depicted next to the fence, similar to a person with the head of a wolf or a dog. The creature stands upright on two legs bent at the knees.

The picture aroused great interest among Internet users. Someone thought that this was a werewolf or Dogman , others were sure that this was a man in a carnival costume, a child in a fur hat, or even that it was just some kind of tuft of grass or debris stuck in the fence.

You can clearly see the sharp long ears, very straight legs, long arms and tail.

More attentive commentators drew attention to the fact that the creature has very strange proportions of arms and legs for an ordinary person. It was also believed that it was a chupacabra who was attracted to the animals in the zoo and that she was looking around the fence in search of a loophole to get inside.

Another user stated that the photo was of an ordinary Texas coyote, whose body suffered from severe scabies and therefore lost its hair. And on two paws he was filmed by accident when he jumped. Although this theory seems to be very far-fetched.

As the user who posted this photo on Reddit pointed out, the picture was originally posted in a closed group of zoo workers on Facebook, and they could not understand what it was.

The Explorer Encountered A Creepy Creatures Lurking Inside Tunnel

The video was filmed last week by urban explorer Urbex Hill, who is documenting his visits to abandoned sites across Ohio.

In this particular case, a young man traveled to an unknown tunnel system “hidden deep in the woods” and, in his words, “walked over 10 miles” in a labyrinthine underworld when he experienced a truly eerie encounter.

In the video, as an urban explorer walks down a long tunnel with water flowing through it, he suddenly sees a pair of glowing eyes peeking around the corner ahead of him.

The strange observer appears only for a second before disappearing behind the wall.

A moment later, a second set of glowing eyes emerge from hiding and linger in the center of the tunnel before disappearing from view.

As the city explorer continued towards the two mysterious “strangers”, he found that there was nothing around the bend.

Urbex Hill stated the following “I explored a mysterious tunnel and saw a strange creature. I took on one of the most dangerous explorations that I’ve ever attempted. Over the course of one whole day a traversed more than 10 miles and a confusing and seemingly endless tunnel system hit in deep within the forest.

“As I entered the portal, I noticed it was oddly quiet and I began to have a strange feeling I was being watched. While I continue to explore deeper within the tunnels, I started to notice signs that I may not be alone which led me to have one of the most terrifying encounters I’ve ever experienced.”

Further in the tunnel, we can hear this spine-chilling scream.

Nostradamus: The World Will Plunge Into Darkness

The prophecies of the French astrologer, alchemist and healer Nostradamus, who lived in the 16th century, are relevant to this day. He saw this year as a time when the world would be plunged into darkness.

Nostradamus’ predictions are known to be among the most accudarknessrate. It was he who warned about the coming to power of Hitler, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the blowing up of the twin towers.

The year of the Tiger – namely, this beast is patronized by 2022 – he described as “shaking the world.”

According to the predictions of Nostradamus, published in 1555, in 2022 there is a great risk that one of the world’s nuclear powers decides to arrange a survival experiment for the world, and its rulers will press the “red button”.

Then the world will plunge into darkness for 72 hours, and the consequences of the explosion will be catastrophic – the climate and the position of the Earth will change.

The troubles of our planet will not end there. The soothsayer said that an attack from outer space would be made on the Earth – an “asteroid rain” would fall.

One of the giant space boulders will fall into the sea, causing a terrible tsunami.

What Are Psychic Powers And How Many of Them Are There?

Thanks to centuries upon centuries of scientific advancements, we humans have come to understand a lot about our reality. Really, the extent of our knowledge is truly impressive. Not only do we know about objects as big as galaxies, but we also know about the smallest subatomic particles.

However, even with all our understanding, it is a well-known fact that we are still barely scratching the surface. Reality is so beautifully complex that there are things that are still largely unexplained by science, and questions that remain unanswered. Fortunately, though, spirituality provides us with a lot of insight into the unknown. In a way, it addresses the realm that science still hasn’t entered.

Take, for instance, psychic powers. Spiritual and religious texts have forever mentioned and described a lot of these capabilities. This has been confirmed by countless accounts of people throughout the ages who have witnessed these phenomena first hand. But what really are psychic powers, and how do they work?

What Are Psychic Powers?

Psychic abilities involve all those acts and phenomena that can’t be explained by natural laws. Essentially, these abilities make you feel as though the accepted laws that we witness on a daily basis are being violated. For instance, if someone levitates in front of you, that would be against the law of gravity. And the generally accepted laws of science wouldn’t be able to explain that.

Although most people can learn and use psychic powers after rigorous training and practice, only a handful are born with a natural inclination towards them. These people find it really easy to connect with their inner being and the universe at large on a fundamental level. This allows them to manipulate reality in a way that seems like magic.

Now, there are many different types of psychic abilities. And usually, one person is able to master only one of these abilities. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and recognized ones.

Different Types of Psychic Powers

  1. Astral Projection

In the psychic world, “astral” means “of the soul“. Therefore, astral projection is the extension of the soul outside the physical body. Those who have this ability are able to have an intentional out-of-body experience wherein their soul exits their body and travels anywhere in the universe. This unshackles the person from a lot of limitations that their physical body is subject to. After all, the soul is free of the natural laws and can do whatever it wishes in whatever manner it wishes.

So, you can imagine sending your soul to some other part of the world and “experiencing” what is happening there. Even those who don’t have this ability often report having experienced it in their dreams or during meditation. This is not surprising at all given the deep spiritual significance of both sleep and meditation.

  1. Channeling

To understand channeling, we need to first understand that there are higher-dimensional beings that exist parallel to our reality. These are usually your guardian angels, enlightened souls, spirits of the dead, and so on. These beings cannot interact with us that easily. So, they use creative ways to send messages to us whenever there is a need.

One of these ways is channeling. In it, a psychic serves as the medium between the higher-dimensional being and the person for whom the message is intended. This can be really helpful for people as the higher beings have a much wider perspective on physical reality than us. So, not only can they answer our burning questions, but they can also guide us in our lives.

  1. Clairvoyance

This is a highly coveted psychic power. That’s because it shows that the psychic is deeply connected to the subtle fabric of reality. Even though most people think that clairvoyance is simply our intuition or sixth sense, that is not entirely the case. Clairvoyance is a powerful ability that gives a person an extrasensory perception of objects, people, locations, and situations.

So, they can figure out things that are simply not accessible by other people. For instance, a clairvoyant can tell what is happening at a different location with precision. They can also tell how a person is feeling or even what they are thinking.

  1. Dream Telepathy

Most people have heard of telepathy. However, they might not know about dream telepathy, a similar psychic ability that relates to dreams. A person who has this power can contact other people in their dreams. So, if you have this ability, you can talk to or appear in the dream of anyone you like.

The other person will not be able to tell that they are experiencing a psychic phenomenon. For them, it would be like seeing just another dream. However, when you tell them the details after they wake up, they will realize just how other-worldly this power is.

  1. Energy Healing

This is perhaps the most widely used psychic power in the modern world. Also, it is quite possibly the most useful one. Energy healing is the technique of using your spiritual energy to bring about physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing in another person. This happens at an energy level and involves the transference of divine energy into the other person.

There are many different kinds of energy healing in practice. Some of them are Reiki, Pranic healing, Psychic surgery, Qigong, etc. However, the underlying principles of all these types of healings are the same. It’s that we are all made of the same energy. And using this energy, we can be healed in any manner conceivable.

  1. Premonition

This is another one of the most recognized psychic abilities. This is so popular that it has been shown in countless movies and tv shows. After all, premonition is the ability to see events in the future. And who wouldn’t want this power? If you are lucky enough to possess this ability, you can foretell exactly what is going to happen, where it will happen and when.

This can be quite useful. It can allow you to even save lives and help people in a plethora of other ways. Those who want to develop this ability can meditate intensely for months or years and slowly do so.

Throughout history, there have been many people who possessed this ability like Nostradamus and Baba Vanga.

  1. Retrocognition

While the previous ability was all about the future, retrocognition is about the past. It is a power that lets you know how a past event unfolded. So, you could visit any location and supernaturally perceive what happened at that location on a previous date. Again, this can be helpful in a number of ways. It can help you find things, help people, solve mysteries, and so on.

Essentially, this psychic ability can give you front-row seats to the entire history of reality. Theoretically, it could even give you a window into the very moment of the birth of the universe!

  1. Telekinesis

This psychic power has been the subject of hundreds of movies. This ability lets a person exert an influence on a physical object without actually interacting with it. For instance, a psychic with this power can move an object just with the power of their spiritual energy or their mind. Telekinesis has many different forms. For example – pyrokinesis is the ability to control or create fire using the power of your mind.

Throughout history, there have been many cases of telekinesis, especially in India. Jesus himself was practicing telekinesis according to the Bible.

Admittedly, this is a rare psychic ability and requires tremendous powers to manifest in a person. Even then, it is very difficult to do constantly and draws out a lot of energy from a person.

  1. Telepathy

Last, but certainly not least is telepathy. This is an ability to communicate with other people simply by using your mind. So, communication happens without ever speaking words. It is said that in ancient India, sages and spiritual gurus used to talk telepathically even though the distance between them was in the thousands of miles.

What’s interesting is that many people who claim to have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings also say that they did so telepathically. It could be that telepathy will one day become a natural ability in all human beings due to our further evolution.

Final Thoughts

An increasing number of people are beginning to believe in the supernatural. As people gain a deeper understanding of reality and their own spiritual side, they begin to realize that there is more than we can perceive. This is leading to more people learning about psychic powers. As mentioned above, most people can develop these abilities through training and practice. However, some are just naturally gifted.

These were just a small fraction of the psychic powers reported throughout history. In our article titled
Buddhist Monks Superpowers: Rainbow Body, Levitation, Immortal Monks we showed many other powers possessed by Buddhist monks in remote monasteries high in the Tibetan mountains.

There are many different kinds of psychic abilities. Some give you the ability to perceive future events while some allow you to have an out-of-body experience. Some allow you to contact other people in their dreams while some allow you to move physical objects without any interaction. Whatever the power may be, it all stems from the subtle underlying fabric of reality that connects us all.

CCTV recorded two mysterious entities descending from the sky

A video that was recently released by the Mexican ufologist and journalist Jaime Maussan shows the moment in which two mysterious entities descend from the sky in the presence of three dogs that bark at the entities and run frightened by the weird event in San Vicente Chicoloapan, State of Mexico.

“These are two humanoid-shaped entities. They approach a few centimeters from the ground and could possibly have walked,” narrates the report attributed to journalist Carlos Clemente.

The presumed entities continue moving until they run into a fence and there the recording suffers a cut.

“At that moment, the smallest entity is seen completely from the side together with the largest one and it is possible to see them perfectly against the light”, explains the narrator and concludes: “It is an extraordinary image that reveals a mysterious aspect of the world that we do not see” .

As one might guess, many viewers thought that the footage depicted the arrival of two alien visitors to our planet, or that it depicted some kind of supernatural entity that was accidentally captured on tape by the surveillance camera.

Needless to say, folks who believe in the supernatural are ready to share this as proof that other beings not of this world walk among us.


Pope Lick Monster: Goatman Or Ghost, Man? Paranormal Investigation

According to legend, there exists a creature who is half-man, half-goat, living in the woods outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Locals call it the Pope Lick Monster, for it guards the Pope Lick train trestle with an array of supernatural powers including the ability to mimic, hypnotize and scramble the minds of its victims.

In my previous article, Hunt for Pope Lick Monster, I explored how the Goatman may have been the product of government genetic testing gone haywire. Certainly an intriguing notion, and one not without merit, considering the strange animal hybrids we’ve already created in our labs, like the Tigon, Liger, Zonkey, Beefalo and the glow-in-the-dark kitty.

Then of course, there are those weird creatures that periodically wash up on our shores, or run through fields, not yet identified, like the Montauk Monster, Chupacabre, and South Africa’s own sheep baby “sent by the devil.” Lord only knows what other monstrosities they’re cooking up behind locked doors.

The main stumbling block to this theory is the lack of hard physical evidence. The body of a half-man, half-goat hybrid has yet to be discovered, and in this regards, the Goatman shares much in common with other “Cryptids,” like the Loch Ness Monster, Mothman and Bigfoot.

Indeed, it is the aim of cryptozoologists to prove the existence of entities from folklore, with or without scientific proof or method. It is this unorthodox approach that has the academic world relegating the entire field of cryptozoology to the “pseudoscience” bin. No problem, the cryptozoologists have in turn rejected mainstream science as off base, inaccurate, and/or politically motivated.

Unlike Bigfoot, who at the very least, has provided us with some, albeit flimsy, physical evidence – a grainy film here, an oversized foot print in the mud there – the Goatman has not been so obliging. He has been as elusive as the veritable ghost, and perhaps for good reason – the Goatman is a ghost.

What’s that you say? A ghost? Indeed. That is the theory presently under consideration. We can say with almost complete certainty that there is no Goatman, in the physical sense, but what if we are dealing with something more “supernatural” than physical? Perhaps, but proving such a thing offers its own unique challenges.

Where to begin? Last spring, I went to Kentucky with the Brooklyn Paranormal Society to investigate this Pope Lick Monster. Being professional ghost hunters, these folks carried with them all the latest tech used for hunting disembodied spirits.

Paranormal Investigation

We got to work in the grassy field underneath the trestle itself, where numerous victims had fallen to their death, during their ill-fated attempts to find the Goatman.

Anthony Long, President of BKPS, began the proceedings by asking the Ghost Hunter M2 app, “What are we standing on?” The app features an EVP instrument which presents words, in both visual and audio format, based on advanced and proprietary algorithm.

After a few moments, the word “Grass” appeared on the app’s screen. It was a hit. We were all quite surprised at that. Usually, the app generates a random word that seems to have absolutely no bearing on the circumstances.

Anthony tried again. “How old are you?” The word “Twenty” appeared on the screen. Could it have been the spirit of Roquel Bain reaching out to us? Bain died the previous year while searching for the Pope Lick Monster, after she tragically fell to her death right at the spot we were presently standing on.

Bain was 26 at the time of her death. That’s pretty close if not quite on the nose. If it was a spirit communicating to us from beyond the veil, then it may have been her, or maybe, it was someone, or something, else.

“The Dark and Bloody Ground”

Kentucky has a dark tragic history that has tainted the land with blood and misery, so if you’re looking for ghosts, you need to go no further.

The killing and dying goes back centuries, encompassing many bloody battles from the American Civil War, American Revolutionary War and the French and Indian War. Particularly horrific were the battles between the white European settlers and the Native American Indians.

Consider, if you will, that the Indian population numbered upwards to 15 million in North America when Columbus arrived in 1492, with fewer than 238,000 remaining by the late 19th century. Much of this killing took place in Kentucky.

But, it turns out, the land was evil even before that. Long before European settlers made their way into the valleys of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, where present day Kentucky is located, the natives called it “The Dark and Bloody Ground.”

They believed it was not suitable for human habitation, and for this reason, no Indian villages were found in Kentucky. The lodges closest to Kentucky, including the Cherokees, Chickasaws, Catawbas, Shawnees and Wayondots, had a tacit agreement – that Kentucky would be used only for hunting and warfare. This made it a violent, blood drenched land to be sure.

Prehistoric Race

So what spooked the Indians so much that they would forever give up prime real estate which included dense forests and lush prairies? The reason lies in the ancient earthworks, mounds and relics found throughout the region, which attests to a prehistoric race and civilization far in advance of the native American Indians themselves.

Our history books tell us that the native Indians were the original inhabitants of this land but the Indians themselves told the white settlers that there was a powerful and advanced race that came before them. This was recorded in numerous history books dating back to the 1800s, and the copper utensils and geometry displayed in the mound-works give evidence to that claim.

The Indians spoke of a great war between them and this advanced race, which the Indians, after much sacrifice, ultimately won. Nonetheless, the Indians believed that the spirits of this once mighty race still lingered upon the places of their sepulture, which included present day Kentucky.

The Europeans ignored the Indians admonitions to avoid such places, taking no interest in matters of the afterlife. What did the Indians know about evil spirits? Apparently, quite a lot, some of which may have direct baring on our discussion of the Goatman. Consider the following parallels between two evil spirits and the Goatman.

Skin-walker and Wendigo

The Navaho Nation has a legend pertaining to the terrifying Skin-walker. According to Indian lore, these Skin-walkers were once shamans and powerful witches who, through magical means, acquired supernatural powers including the ability to shape-shift into animals, such as bears, wolves, cougars and other beasts, including half-animal, half-human abominations.

They were also known to have the ability to move very fast as well as to read minds, instill fear, sow confusion, hypnotize and mesmerize victims. The grave rituals and taboos committed to acquire this status of the Skin-walker condemned these sorcerers to a life of endless wandering and stalking victims.

Consider another demonic spirit, the Wendigo, rooted in Algonquin-based Native American folklore. Here is a zombie-like entity, described as strikingly tall, haggard, skeletal and topped by a stag skull head with antlers. The creature was supposedly once human, but transformed into a Wendigo after consuming human flesh.

The beast is said to posses supernatural powers, including the ability to move very fast, hypnotize and mimic voices to lure victims into the wilderness where they become easy prey for the insatiable hunger of the Wendigo.

Much of the description of the Skin-walker and Wendigo could apply to our present day Goatman as well, but where did that leave us in the hunt for the Pope Lick Monster? And what of our findings beneath the trestle? “It’s intriguing,” Long said. “We picked up something on the apps, but not enough to draw any conclusions from.

We’re going to have to go back to Pope Lick trestle, at midnight.” Midnight was, of course, when the Goatman allegedly stalks the trestle. But were we willing to trudge through tall grass and swampland in the middle of the night, just to summon an evil Goatman?

By Andrew Arnett, source:

Toxic algae and the strange true story of ‘The Birds’

The Birds is considered by many to be among the scariest movies ever made. The 1963 Alfred Hitchcock classic is set in a small California seaside town that is plagued by a massive flock of aggressive birds that attack people on a whim and disappear as mysteriously as they came.

What could have been a ludicrous premise is made tense and suspenseful in Hitchcock’s masterful hands.

While the movie was based on a story by Daphne du Maurier, an event that occurred in North Monterrey Bay in California two years before its release also had a strong impact on the movie.

In August of 1961, a flock of birds called sooty shearwaters, invaded the communities surrounding the bay, a real life event that eerily paralleled those of the movie.

A night-time invasion

The avian assault came at about 3 in the morning, when residents were roused from their sleep by the sounds of birds slamming into their homes. Residents who went outside with flashlights were flocked by birds, which were drawn to the light.

The strange event lasted until daylight. Residents emerged from their homes to find the streets littered with dead birds and fish the excited fowl vomited up. The air stunk of fish.

Residents were understandably confused by the turn of events. No one had seen anything quite like this before. Ward Russel, who was a museum zoologist at the University of California, offered a plausible explanation.

He believed that the birds were feeding on a school of anchovy when a heavy fog rolled over their flock. They became disoriented in the fog and headed toward the only discernible beacon in the gloom—the streetlights and houselights from the communities of Monterrey Bay.

Many weren’t satisfied by this explanation, but no others were forthcoming. The incident remained a mystery for thirty years, until a similar occurrence revealed the strange explanation for the bird’s odd behaviors.

Poisoned birds

Thirty years later, brown pelicans in Monterrey Bay engaged in similar behavior as the shearwaters in the 1961 incident. This time though, a culprit for the odd behavior was found.

Domoic acid, a substance that can cause symptoms such as confusion, disorientation, scratching, seizures, and even death was found in their system. This toxin is produced by certain species of algae, which are consumed by fish and other species, which are themselves consumed by sea birds.

The acid gets more concentrated as it moves up the food chain, so as the birds feed on fish they ingest stronger and stronger doses of the toxins.

Evidence for similar poisonings was found in the preserved remains from the 1961 incident, proving that the strange incident that August morning, while unusual, was well within the realm of the natural.

Sources: Ludka, Alexandria, “Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’” Mystery Solved.” December 28, 2011. ABC News. May 1, 2016; Parry, Wynne. “Blame Hitchock’s Crazed Birds on Toxic Algae.” January 3, 2012. LiveScience. March 1, 2016; Santa Cruz Sentinel and Trabing, Wally. “Birds ‘Invade’ Santa Cruz, California.” Santa Cruz Public Libraries. March 1, 2016;

The Fear Parasite: Recounting a Horrifying Childhood Encounter With a Violent Entity Afraid of Fire

If there’s anything scarier than a good ghost story, it’s a true one, the kind of harrowing tale that happened to the person telling it. After reading about my visibly painful brush with something unexplained in Ohio State Reformatory, Keb wrote in to share her own terrifying encounters with the “Fear Parasite”, a malevolent entity that tormented her as a child growing up in Southern California. It’s a story that’s guaranteed to give you chills.

Facing The Fear Parasite:

Years ago when I was a child, I lived in a small town called Los Banos. My family and I lived a couple of blocks from a local cemetery, and I regularly heard strange creakings and other things growing up in the house there. It wasn’t an old house by any means, and was part of a new subdivision. I remember being extremely frightened as a young child, thinking that the house never felt safe (the fact that I lived in an abusive household is besides the point).

As I got older, I learned to tune it out, or just ignore it completely. Sometime between ages 11 and 13, I started noticing strange things again.

I remember going downstairs for some reason, and looking out the window into the backyard. I thought I saw movement, but it was dark outside, so I couldn’t quite tell… and then I saw this strange, translucent, amorphous shape. It was kind of like a soap bubble with the way it seemed to trap rainbows within it, almost like an aurora, but it had this strange, milky-look to it. There were no discernible features, or limbs…it just sort of moved through the yard, and changed shape as it went. It was probably a little bigger than a soccer ball, an I watched as it floated by our fence.

For some reason it terrified me. It was this strangely beautiful thing, but I couldn’t get over the idea that it felt evil.

This event seems to mark when I first started having encounters with “spirits” of one variety or another.

Sometime after that, I started hearing strange sounds outside at night. It was almost like hacking cough, but it sounded like it came from everywhere, and elicited feelings of terror. It was like its very essence was fear. Shortly after that it would feel like I couldn’t move. This always happened when I was already in bed, trying to sleep for the night. As time went on, it seemed like I was being pinned down by some unseen force.

This was almost a nightly occurrence between the years 13 and 15. Sometimes I woke up with strange scratches. They started much like the welt-like scratches that you have in your photo. But as this became regular, sometimes I would wake up with scratches that were more like scratches, marks that were more like teeth. On rare occasions I woke up with what almost looked like strange animal bite-marks, with dried blood. Sometimes I was attacked on the stairs. I’d be walking up them, and suddenly be knocked over and pinned down, feeling the claws of something unknown on my back.

I considered that some of my wounds might have been self inflicted somehow, or that maybe somehow I’d injured myself… but when you wake up in the morning and it looks like someone closed a miniature bear trap on your heel, how could that be self inflicted? I was a kid, and had nothing that could do something like that to myself. It wasn’t there when I went to bed, and was when I woke up. If I’d simply gone crazy and hurt myself with something, with as much dried blood as there was, and with how bad the wound was, there had to be some implement laying around. I looked. I never found one.

I was convinced for the longest time that it was demons, and that God was testing me. I turned to the Bible for answers, kept one in my nightstand at night, and tried doing things like reciting Bible verses that I’d heard in Sunday school, etc. That didn’t work either. It just made the attacks worse.

I don’t remember why I did it, but at some point I took my parents fireplace lighter, and started keeping it with me. When I felt its presence, I’d flip the lighter on. It seemed it didn’t like fire. As I studied mysticism later in life, I realized that this was because of what it symbolized, and that the essence of things is how they are symbolized. That’s a bit simplified, but this is a big topic to cover.

But with that fireplace lighter, I found some shred of hope. I found some sense of power over that which had been attacking me and feeding off of my fears. This thing, had grown strong off of my fear and acknowledgement of its existence. Once I realized this, I realized that it acted like a spiritual parasite.

I don’t know if it was a ghost, a demon, or what it was, but once I understood its nature, I was able to strip it of its power by starving it. The attacks reached the worst point they ever had. This thing needed me to fear it. It used its remaining power to try to attack me during the daylight- the one time I had previously felt safe. At one point I was outside lounging in the sun by the pool, and it tried to chuck me into it.

It started influencing people around me, showing me its power, and why it was something to be feared (this only really happened once, where my parents were drained and fell asleep in the middle of the day while it attacked and I tried unsuccessfully to wake them up).

It did whatever it could to trip me up, to startle me, to make me afraid so that my fear would feed it. But over time, its energy depleted from these outbursts and it was no longer even able to mark me.

I don’t know if it died, or just left. By the point that I had discovered that it was afraid of fire, I had started studying western occult philosophy, and mysticism. Some people might have called me a witch if they knew. But honestly, I was just a girl looking for answers, and learning how to develop my will, ego (which had been crushed from years of parental abuse) and focus enough to dominate the thing that was trying to dominate me.

The Tibetans have a word for an entity that is formed from your thoughts and emotions. They call it a Tulpa. Other people call them thought-forms. While I don’t know for certain if that is what this was, or if it was just a spirit that attached itself to me as a parasite; I do know that this thing existed, and that it haunted me, and hurt me for several years until I was able to identify its nature as a parasite and weaken it.

All of this happened before everyone had a phone with a camera. I wrote things down, but I had no other way to document them at the time. I assume that as time goes on, there will be more and more people showing photographic evidence of their wounds and terrifying experiences involving them. If wounds look possibly self inflicted, but people are claiming a supernatural cause…please don’t dismiss them outright. It could be that they, like myself, encountered something that had built up enough “energy” to manifest in a more physical, and terrifying way.

Voodoo, Ghosts, and Werewolves at Louisiana’s Cursed Swamp

Swamps are spooky places. Even without a history of ghosts and weirdness, these damp, gloomy places just seem to inspire dread in those who look upon them. Is it the expanses of untamed, weed choked wetlands, the shining eyes of alligators and other things slithering through the brush prowling the dark, or merely the twisted trees that poke up through the misty murk?

Whatever it is, swamps need very little to make them even creepier than they already are. Yet, some swamps have outdone themselves, and drawn to them legends and tales that propel them beyond merely creepy places into full blown epicenters of the paranormal and unexplained. One such swamp oozes across a portion of Louisiana, and has long been the origin of stories of shadowy ghosts, Voodoo magic, and snarling beasts of the night.

Manchac Swamp, located in Louisiana not far from the festive city of New Orleans, is everything one might expect a supposedly haunted place to look like. Here stagnant green waters choked with vegetation and algae and prowled by alligators meander through groves of trees draped in moss which stand over their domain like silent, sad sentinels.

Along the snake and gator infested waterways with mud caked shores one can find decrepit cabins perched upon the mosquito choked water, cloaked by brush and giving no indication of whether they are inhabited or not. Snakes, alligators, and biting insects exist here in plentitude, coexisting within the morass of damp, dark, foggy wetlands and lying in wait for those who dare tread too close. This forsaken place perfectly lends itself to spooky tales and lore, and the Manchac Swamp certainly does not disappoint.

Manchac Swamp

One of the most popular and persistent tales surrounding the swamp is the story of Julie White, a Voodoo priestess who resided here in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Voodoo was quite prominent in those days in Louisiana, having been brought to these shores by West African slaves during the colonial period, as well as refugees escaping the Haitian revolution of the 18th and early 19th centuries. So concentrated was the number of Voodoo practitioners within New Orleans that Louisiana soon evolved its own brand of the religion, which relied heavily on and is characterized by its charms and amulets, also known here as gris-gris, herbs, and poisons, and which gave rise to the infamous and creepy pincushion Voodoo dolls.

Louisiana Voodoo also brought about the reign of the Voodoo Queens, who were priestesses who held great power and influence in their respective communities. Some, such as the 19th century priestess Marie Laveau, were so powerful and respected that various prestigious members of society, such as politicians, judges, lawyers, businessmen, and wealthy landowners, all came before them for consultation before making important decisions concerning business or matters of the state. Some of these Voodoo priestesses were so well known that to this day their graves command respect and gather about them gifts from the faithful, and Voodoo continues to be a popular tourist attraction within the city of New Orleans, with people coming from far and wide to visit the graves and purchase amulets, potions, and powders from various Voodoo vendors, or to visit the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum.

Julie White’s cabin

The Voodoo priestess Julie White was more reclusive than most, although no less feared. It was said that White enjoyed trying to predict the demise of surrounding towns as she sat on the porch of her swamp shack, where she spent much of her time. She would also make arcane gestures at those who passed by, give people the evil eye, sing spooky songs about the day of her death, and generally freak people out. Despite her eccentric ways, White was seen as a potent oracle, and many looked to her predictions for signs of impending doom or misfortune. She was also known to deal out curses to those who wronged her, making her a figure who most people of the time were absolutely terrified of.

One of her most persistent predictions was that there would be some sort of deadly cataclysmic disaster when she passed on, and she is often quoted as having said “One day I’m gonna die, and I’m gonna take all of you with me.” Chillingly, shortly before she died in 1915, White chanted this over and over again, and a horrible hurricane happened to hit the town on the day of her crowded funeral, causing a devastating tidal wave that swept through to kill hundreds of people and decimate three entire villages. According to the lore, Julie White, along with all of those who had been killed at her funeral, were unceremoniously buried in a mass grave somewhere in the swamp.

It is said that even to this day many bodies remain lodged within the slimy muck at the bottom of the swamp, and that even now occasionally a body will float up through the muddy swill to the surface. Since then, the voices of the dead and the apparition of White herself are said to haunt this swamp, with White’s ghost reportedly having the habit of repeating the same eerie chant she had sung before her death.

Modern ghost tours of the swamp make Julie White’s old abode and the alleged mass grave a regular destination, and it is supposedly quite common for visitors to hear strange wailing or screaming emanating from the swamp in this area. It is also said that when White died, she placed a curse here, which is the purported cause of a fatal collapse of the Manchac Bridge in 1976, although the new bridge, a 120,440 foot concrete behemoth, has seemingly resisted this hex.

Another popular tale from Manchac Swamp is that it is the hunting grounds of the Rougarou, which is basically a Cajun version of the werewolf. The tales of the Rougarou have many variations, but it is mostly described as being a hulking beast, up to 10 feet tall, with the hair covered body of a human and the head of a wolf or in some cases a dog, often with pale white fur, and with very prominent fangs and red eyes that are said to glow, which stalks the swamps, bayous, and fields of Louisiana.

Other tales say it is a more decidedly ghostly or spectral apparition which glows in the night, or a beast which can become immaterial or disappear at will. The mysterious beast is said to be able to change its shape back and forth, and can even take on other forms such as a werepig, werecattle, or even werecranes. The story of the Rougarou has many forms, with the most common being that it is a curse that has to be transferred to another by drawing blood within 101 days, and which can only be broken through passing it on to others. This is usually done by either viciously attacking someone or in other versions simply gazing into another’s eyes. In the past, it was common for people to look upon strangers or particularly odd people with great suspicion, as it was thought that they may be one of the feared beasts.

According to the lore, the afflicted are supposedly faced with some alternatives. The most common way to break the curse is to remain silent about the confrontation for a whole year and a day, after which the curse will be broken for both parties. One piece of folklore related to this involves a young newlywed wife who is waiting for her husband at the edge of the swamp on the night of a full moon. The woman is then confronted with a massive, wolf-like creature which locks its gaze with hers before stalking off into the night.

The woman, knowing she has been infected with the foul beast’s curse, subsequently locks herself within a shed every night of the full moon, a fact which is not noticed by her new husband as he often works late into the night. After the year and a day have passed, the cured woman, who has remained silent about the encounter, is asked by her husband if she has ever waited for him by the edge of the swamp in the moonlight. The wife lies and says she hasn’t, after which the husband admits that he was in fact the creature she had seen and been cursed by, and that her silence on the matter had saved them both. Another way to lift the curse is with the help of powerful Voodoo spells.

Other versions of the legend say that the creature takes on the form of a large dog rather than a wolf-man, which makes sense since wolves are not native to Louisiana. In another tale, a boy who was on his way home came across a huge white dog which was acting aggressively towards him. After some time of the dog biting at him and snarling at him, the boy then supposedly took out a knife he carried in his backpack and slashed at the mysterious dog.

The animal then transformed into a human being, and told the boy that he had been imprisoned by the devil into this form, and that the same would befall him if he was not careful. The stranger also warned that if the boy told anyone about the encounter he would become a Rougarou too. The boy promptly told all of his friends, and it was then that he began to disappear from his room at night, only to reappear in his room the following morning with no recollection of where he had been and sometimes spattered in blood that was not his own. After a year of this, the boy was allegedly found dead in the street one morning, and the authorities deemed it a suicide, but those who knew better claimed that he had been a Rougarou.

There are numerous other stories of people being confronted by a large, vicious dog only to have it turn into a man right before their eyes, often after being struck or cut. In one story a pair is pursued by such a dog under the light of a full moon, only to have it leap a fence and disappear, being instead replaced by the figure of a large man.

Another popular story is that these were-creatures have the habit of rampaging through town and the wilderness to ravage those Catholics who have not observed Lent properly, and it is said that failing to observe Lent for a full 7 years in a row is a sure way to be transformed into one of the beasts, or at the very least incur their wrath. They were also said to be drawn to those who misbehaved or committed criminal transgressions, making them a popular story to tell to children in order to keep them in line and out of trouble. It was a common thing for a child to hear something along the lines of “Come home before dark, lest the Rougarou get you!” Indeed, those unfortunate people who went missing within the swamp were often thought to have fallen victim to the Rougarou.

As steeped in folklore as the stories of swamp dwelling werewolves might be, there are many reports of people actually claiming to see them to this day, or to hear their eerie howls piercing the night. Some rather dramatic reports have even told of the creatures chasing cars down the road or slaughtering cattle. Their large, hulking appearance and hair covered bodies have led to the theory that rather than werewolves, what is being seen is perhaps some Bigfoot-like creatures, yet there is very little evidence of the creatures one way or another. Nevertheless, if there are Rougarou out there, whatever they are, then Manchac Swamp is said to be one of their very favorite haunts.

Adding to the tales of werewolves and Voodoo curses are the various other strange phenomena reported from the swamp. Mystery lights, shadowy apparitions, orbs of light, and glows emanating from abandoned cabins are commonplace here, as are a few stories of monstrous alligators far larger than normal prowling through the remote areas of the swamp.

Whatever is going on out here in this spooky place, it is hard to look upon Manchac Swamp and not get the feeling that it is a place with an atmosphere of doom and gloom that rightfully deserves its reputation as a cursed, haunted place, whether it actually is or not. Anyone who is interested in seeing the swamp for themselves can take one of the many ghost tours that operate in the area, which will gladly take you through some of the areas that are more allegedly paranormally active. Who knows, you just might see Julie Ward staring at you from the dim shadows of the trees, or a Rougarou prowling the night.