Pentagon erroneously claims that it has no data on UFOs disabling nukes

Former Minuteman commander Robert Salas maintains that he reported the incident to the UFO task force last year.

Salas, who has long been attempting to raise awareness about his experiences, was the on-duty commander at the underground launch facility of the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana back in March 1967 when a mysterious object appeared and disabled several of the ICBMs.

An airman who had been standing watch at the time had observed an object in the sky which had started to zig-zag around before hovering outside the front gate of the facility.

Security guards described it as red, glowing and saucer-shaped.

Within seconds, the ICBMs stationed at the base had begun to report inexplicable failures.

“Within the next few seconds, we had lost six to eight missiles to a ‘No-Go’ condition,” said Salas.

According to a Freedom Of Information Act Request (FOIA), “all ten missiles in echo flight at Malmstrom lost strat alert within ten seconds of each other.”

A very similar incident had occurred just one week prior at another base north of Lewistown, Montana.

When Salas reported the incident to the Pentagon’s UFO task force last year, he was told that officials were already aware of it and that he did not need to submit any additional information.

He was particularly surprised, therefore, when officials at the UFO congressional hearing on Tuesday claimed that they did not have any data on the incident and were unable to comment.

“The shutting down of nuclear missiles, obviously, is a national security concern that they should have considered,” said Salas.

“Because Congressman [Mike] Gallagher pushed it, finally Moultrie agreed to take a look at these incidents. So I’m looking forward to briefing him once I get the call. “

“I’ve been just waiting to hear from them. I offered to even go there on my own expense. I would be happy to fully brief any congressman, or anybody from DoD.”

Source: Mail Online