Pentagon UFO Papers: “Time Travel Is Possible And Could Help Us Visit Other Worlds”

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According to documents released by the Pentagon, time travel and anti-gravity technologies may be available to humans and could help us visit other worlds. 1,500 files shed light on the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which was a secret Pentagon UFO program.

Their publication was made possible after a four-year legal battle following a freedom of information request from The Sun Online. One of the papers looks at how anti-gravity technology can be used to create aircraft and spacecraft, and states that “the effects can be realized by manipulating space-time.”

There is also a look at how to “manipulate gravity” and the report says, “It may be possible to create exotic phenomena such as faster-than-light travel… and time machines.” It is also added that “wormholes” in space-time can be used for interstellar travel.

The documents, which The Sun called “the bombshell,” were released by the US Department of Defense Intelligence Agency. These include plans to send multiple single-pilot spacecraft to “colonize” deep space, as well as research into how humans can control robots with their minds.

It has been found that one person can fly no more than four spaceships, but in the papers, scientists are wondering if our brains can be developed to improve this ability.

AATIP has been in operation for five years since 2007 and is led by Luis Elizondo, who believes that the existence of UFOs has “been proven beyond reasonable doubt”.

Elsewhere in the report, the report explores how nuclear-powered rockets and spacecraft will allow us to “build bridges” over the layers of icy objects surrounding the Sun to find other Earth-like planets.

Also in the documents there is information about how we can communicate with aliens, as well as a study on the impact on the health of people who encountered aliens or saw UFOs.

Although the project has now been phased out, Pentagon officials admitted last year that there have been about 150 UFO reports from military pilots since 2004.