Pentagon’s UFO files include encounter with ‘werewolf’

A number of unexplained sightings and experiences have been revealed through interviews with former officials.

For many years, the Pentagon, in connection with the Defense Intelligence Agency, ran a secretive program investigating the connection between UFOs (or UAPs) and paranormal phenomena.

During interviews with, retired DIA intelligence officer James Lacatski and retired CIA operations officer Jim Semivan – who both worked on the secret program – have lifted the lid on some of the strange cases that were investigated during that time.

These investigations included that of the USS Nimitz UAP sightings, as well as that of Skinwalker ranch – a property in Utah notorious for being home to a plethora of strange phenomena.

According to Lacatski and Semivan, the three men who were sent to investigate the ranch were left terrified after they witnessed what was described as a “black void” on the property.

Even more unnerving was the fact that they also reported experiencing paranormal phenomena after returning to their homes, such as strange noises and sightings of dark figures at night.encounter

In a separate incident, the family of the investigator who had been looking into the USS Nimitz case reported witnessing a wolf-like creature (which walked on two hind legs) staring in through the windows of their home on two occasions.

When asked about them, however, the Pentagon was unable to confirm or deny that any of these investigations and encounters took place.