Reveal NASA’s Internal Documents

“I’m waiting for the Luna Europa to have giant squids in the ocean below the sky”, wrote a NASA scientist.

According to recently published internal emails, NASA is interested in emphasizing its ongoing work in light of evidence of extraterrestrial life.

The documents, released under the Freedom of Information Law and published by the Government Attic transparency site (accessible HERE), contain all e-mails that mention the term “unidentified aerial phenomena”.

They were sent from one of the main NASA press agents between May and November of this year —a period that includes the expected publication of the UFO Report to the US Congress presented by the Office of the National Director of Intelligence—.

Some today have censored sentences and paragraphs, citing as a pretext for this a privilege of deliberative process that allows the government to protect sensible material from the public.

However, in these internal communications, NASA scientists seem to be unaware of any evidence that the UAPs have their origin in the stars.

And, most of them, they are more concerned about the elaboration of conversation points that emphasize the impressive and continuous work of the agency in search of evidence of life beyond our planet.

One official stated that NASA only looks at what is in our eyes. «The good news is that we are doing SO MUCH in the search for life», he wrote.

“Less about real UFOs”. However, a scientist hopes that the exploration of Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, will reveal terrifying alien entities.

It is somehow on the list to form part of the conversation points officially approved by the space agency.

Despite the apparent confidence of the officials in which monstrous creatures containing tentacles —and a certain level of intelligence if we consider their counterparts in our world—are discovered in extraterrestrial oceanic environments, no one seems eager to address the evidence of extraterrestrial life closer than them. train concerned citizens.

One, for example, sent to NASA with curiosity for an allegedly 9,000-year-old clay vessel that he proposed to contain an “extraterrestrial or multidimensional communication”.

Another citizen provided slides originally intended for Senator Marco Rubio that document a UFO encounter that he wanted NASA administrator Bill Nelson to study so much.

It should be noted that months after, after the publication of the Report to the Congress, Nelson expressed his personal opinion that «some UAPs sighted by pilots could have an extraterrestrial origin».

On the other hand, the documents also show that the agency is using the growing public interest and media in the UAPs theme to promote and educate the public about its spatial missions.

It can also be read that NASA is not closed to the idea of ​​extraterrestrial intelligence behind the UAPs, but highlights the point of difficulty that currently exists to access reliable data on the subject.

«The language of the scientists is the data. But without access to a wide base, it is impossible to verify or explain any observation.

The lack of hard data, the bad thing about accessing such data, is the main problem in the UAPs studio», dicen.

But it could change soon, if the US Congress decides to include the Gillibrand Enmienda in the Defensa Annual Report, which would oblige intelligence agencies to make public much of the data referenced therein. NASA.

Finally, unos de los puntos affirms that “the naturalness of science is better understood” and that UFOs cannot escape from this.