Round lakes – traces of a nuclear strike?

Round lakes

This perfectly round lake is located in the Ryazan region (enter N54° 37’40.11″ E41° 5’57.84″ in Google maps). Its main feature, in addition to its shape, is crystal clear water and the absence of any algae.

Officially, the lake is of meteoritic origin and is clearly older than 500 years. That’s only after the meteorite falls, in 99.9% of cases, a teardrop-shaped or oval-shaped crater remains, and this lake is not on old maps, until 1865, and then it magically appears.

And the most important thing. The radionuclide Caesium-137, which is formed (drum roll), was found in the soil samples of the lake.. only with the nuclear decay of uranium or plutonium. The version that he was “on board” the meteorite disappears, because the half-life of Caesium–137 is only 30 years (the half–life is 2 times less in 30 years, in another 30 years – 2 times less than half, etc.). And meteorites wander in space longer.

It means that about 150-200 years ago people already owned nuclear technologies. But what’s going on?

Traces of nuclear decay after mysterious fires were found in Tula, around the same time. At the same time, the soil was climbed below the so-called traces of burning, and no cesium was found there. All this leads to sad thoughts. Something was hidden from us, because it is not difficult to rewrite history, as the practice of the last 100 years shows. It is not necessary to write off the crash or the battle of UFOs, which in the event of a fall could have an impact with radiation.Something important has been erased from our memory. Think about it.