The Book of Alien Races Found if the KGB Archives (video)

SMERSH, the counter-intelligence service that was launched back in 1943 by Josef Stalin himself released a book. That includes the descriptions of some of the top agents of the service team that allegedly were aliens all along.

This book was released back on January 13th, 1947. And ever since this was done many have stopped believing in the Russian government. And more specifically in their response to an alien invasion of some kind.

How care we really trust them if they’ve been lying to us all along?

The book talks about how there were eight different classes or races. It even includes drawings and information about each race in particular.

As time moved the information became more and more accurate as more and more pictures were taken of the creatures described in the SMERSH book. Testimonies of creatures running amok the fields, UFOs abducting humans. Even pictures of creatures walking around have all been added to the documents.

The book was officially owned by the KGB after the USSR collapsed and a copy of it was made in Buryatia, Siberia which was later on leaked to the general public.

Fun fact, the popular gaming series known as Mass Effect, which was created by a Canadian company named BioWare was one of the companies that gained access to the book. When it was released to the general public and used it as inspiration for their own game.

Many people discredit this book’s statements but there is simply put too much proof backing it up.