The Klerksdorp Metal Spheres: Extraterrestrial Technology?

Mysterious metallic spheres found in Klerksdorp, South Africa, have shocked experts who cannot find an explanation for their existence.

Mysterious perfectly rounded metallic spheres with a smooth surface , giving an artificial appearance , were found in a million-year -old geological layer in Klerksdorp.

Experts still do not understand how these artifacts were buried on that surface, since they come almost from the birth of the Earth itself .

The mystery of the metallic spheres

The Precambrian supereon is an informal division of the geologic time scale. It is the first and longest stage of terrestrial history and encompasses the Hadean, Archean and Proterozoic eons.

This super aeon began when the Earth formed , about 4,567.9 and 4,570.1 million years ago , and ended 542 million years ago . It lasted about 4.27 million years and gave way to the Phanarozoic Eon or Cambrian Period .

The Precambrian study is extremely complex, since in general the rocks formed in that time have changed a lot due to different orogenic cycles and fossils are very scarce.

Precambrian rocks are mainly igneous and metamorphic . Both in South Africa, Western Australia and Greenland, are the oldest terrestrial rocks, dated at 3,800 million years.

For this reason, the appearance of perfectly elaborated metallic spheres was the last thing that experts thought to find in these geological layers.

In addition to the spherical shape, it has grooved ends. This peculiarity has made experts attribute it to intelligent beings . One of the main precursors of this theory was Michael Cremo in his work «Forbidden Archeology».

Its external appearance is soft and smooth, suggesting that it is an artificially manufactured piece . Or at least that is what the specimens exhibited in the Klerksdorp Museum demonstrate.

Although, there are also many people who attribute a natural origin to its morphology.

All metal spheres are perfectly round and have a polished surface. They also have a straight line that surrounds the largest diameter, which is usually accompanied by 2 other parallel lines that go to one side and to the other of the central line.

As they appeared buried in a geological layer whose apparent antiquity is a great contradiction to official science, many experts believe that the spheres belonged to a technologically advanced and extinct civilization more than 2.8 billion years ago. When the rock that contained them began to solidify.

Skeptics suggest that they are stones produced from pyrite and goethite nodules of metamorphic origin. The problem is that the carving of the lines does lack any scientific argument. Both for their capricious appearance, and for the hardness of the material with which they should have been carved.

Geology professor A. Bissehoff of the University of Potchefsroom and other experts believe that the spheres would be agglomerates of limonite.

However, the metal spheres from Klerksdorp were found in individual niches ; a way totally contrary to the arrangement in which limonite aggloemrados are usually found.

Could it be an Oopart? An object out of time, possibly created by an advanced ancient intelligence. Or on the other hand, is it one more proof of extraterrestrial life on Earth?