The manuscript reveals that humans have supernatural powers

Human beings have supernatural powers, but most of us are completely ignorant of them. But for our suerte there is an old manuscript that on the ground confirms it, but reveals it with detail.

The Divine Matrix is ​​a network of energy that connects it all, from the smallest and most insignificant part, to the most large and important part of our entire universe, it is formed by a network of many filaments similar to those of our brain.

In 1944, the priest of quantum theory, Max Planck, said that he should speak to public opinion when he said that there was only pure energy in a unique place in the world, where all things have a principle.

According to the researcher, Gregg Braden, who has been dedicated to this type of studies for more than 20 years. He says that the latest findings confirm the theory that the “special Matrix” of what Planck said really exists, and that it is a divine Matrix. Previously, Planck stated that this Matrix has its origin in the stars, in the rocks, in the DNA, and in the life, practically in everything that exists.

Microscopically, there is no physical manifestation of this phenomenon, but it is indicated that everything is the work of the vibration, the best said, the consequence of accumulated energy. We live in a universe full of energy, bearing in mind that even in our other selves we are formed by these vibrations of energy.

Planck has already stated through quantum physics that we are all connected through our own energy. At the same time, a series of scientific experiments have demonstrated that our DNA is capable of changing thanks to the energy of our feelings and emotions, es decir, our vibrations. What reveals a new form that has the energy to connect with all creation.

This energy is an intertwined network that connects all matter and simultaneously affects our own vibrations. The scientists who carried out the experiment in the company of Plank, reached the conclusion that the highest energetic frequencies that exist are in love, and these impact the physical environment, producing transformations in our DNA and in our closest surroundings , and it’s thanks to the fact that we have much more power than we imagined.

For millions of years we have heard rumors of the immense power that we possess, mainly through the Bible, but unfortunately, this information has never been publicly available to humanity, to make us completely ignore the existence of our power, remaining hidden by the Church. , to make us more weak and controllable. But the situation led to an unexpected turn in favor of us since the discovery of a manuscript of the great code of Isaiah, along with other Esenian texts, such as El de las Caves de Qumrán, in El Mar Muerto, del año 1946.

Attributed to the prophet Isaiah, this text dates back some 2,000 years, the text narrates with many possible future details for each moment of our lives, and much of them have been unconsciously chosen. Each one of these futures is in a state of rest, waiting to be elected through the decisions taken in the present.

The Isaiah code accurately narrates each of these possibilities, in a language that we are just beginning to decipher. Isaiah describes in his texts his a la science con ejemplos sencillos. Gregg Braden makes reference to which I have an advanced technology that has been used in antiquity, which disappeared in siglo IV, as a result of this «disappearance» and the destruction of peculiar or relegated books to the school of mysteries if lost in time .

Currently, after the discovery of the Rollos del Mar Muerto, all the information is reappearing. The scientist tells us about a very simple technology, universally known with the name of «oración». This word, with the correct terms, would give us the possibility of achieving extraordinary things. But, by the way, would you know how to use it correctly?

The manuscripts found in the Dead Sea are extremely important for sleeping humanity. Due to the fact that, nowadays, many live subject to the spiritual forces of fashion religions, of New Age movements, giving the power to decide their destiny to any person, except for them. The discovered manuscript explains to us the perfection of how we can choose the future that we want to live consciously, revealing the keys of our role as creators of our reality.

Among these keys are the instructions of a lost model of prayer, to which quantum science attributes the power to heal our own body, bring about lasting peace and prevent major climatic tragedies that humanity could face in a short time.

Gregg Braden says that little by little we are accepting the possibility that there is a new energy field that is totally accessible and that our DNA is able to communicate with the photons through this field. The key to obtain a result, among all the existing possibilities, is in the capacity that we have to feel that our choice has been created and is happening at this moment.

Seeing prayer this way as a feeling leads us to find the warmth of thought and the emotion that produces that feeling. From this perspective, our prayer based on our feelings has to be something to obtain to become something to accept and the desired result that is being created.

In the age of the esenios, the words were the most powerful and powerful that we had for eso, the Church and the factual powers hidden this manuscript to enslave and continue dominating the whole world. Where are these manuscripts? We don’t know it, but we try to get closer to the truth, because the truth is the only one that will set us free.