The Russian Cosmonauts Onboard Salyut-7 Saw Strange UFOs And 30 Metre Tall Alien Creatures In Deep Space

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In the 1980s, several aliens were spotted by cosmonauts while they were on board the Salyut-7. The aliens were flying through space and measured up to 30 meters in length.

Flights and spacecraft were new to the world at the time. Many strange and mysterious sightings have been made in the emptiness of space. Such a mysterious sighting was made in 1978.

Vladimir Kovalyonok and Alexander Ivanchecko, the two Russian cosmonauts, reported seeing a strange unidentified flying object that was flying under the orbital station, which gave them the sense that they were being observed. According to Kovalyonok, what they saw was “like a flashing tennis ball”.

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Vladimir Solovyov, Leonid Kizim, and Oleg Atkov The Three Cosmonauts Who Spotted Aliens

A year later, in 1981, a second encounter with a UFO occurred when Kovalyonok was aboard the Salyut-6. According to him, it seemed like the UFO was chasing them, and the spacecraft was gliding erratically through space. He reported that the UFO turned transparent and, as a result, he could see there was a “jet engine”. He stated that two blasts also occurred after a brief period of time, which were caused by the expansion and contraction of whatever he was observing.


The object resembled a barbell. I saw it becoming transparent and like with a ‘body’ inside. At the other end, I saw something like gas discharging, like a reactive object. Then something happened that is very difficult for me to describe from the point of view of physics.I have to recognize that it did not have an artificial origin. It was not artificial because an artificial object couldn’t attain this form. I don’t know of anything that can make this movement… tightening, then expanding, pulsating.

In 1980, another intriguing incident was reported by cosmonauts Leonid Popov and Valery Ryumin, who were on board the flight of the Salyut-6 station. In photographs taken by the cosmonauts showing what resembled a swarm of dazzling specks taking off from the capital of Russia, the incident was kept confidential.

Later after 11 years, the photographs and all the details related to the incident were made public, but mysteriously, most of the evidence and documentation were lost.

It was the summer of 1984, and the new Salyut-7 station was in space for 150 days, and the cosmonauts who were onboard were Vladimir Solovyov, Leonid Kizim, and Oleg Atkov.

According to cosmonauts, the whole space station was filled with brilliant orange light. Moreover, when they peered out the windows, they saw a group of huge aliens that were almost 30 meters tall. They were flying through space and appeared to be smiling.


While being in close proximity of what they characterized as a definite “extraterrestrial race”, the cosmonauts described that they felt a sense of peace and serenity took over them. Crew members reported that the aliens were flying at the same speed as the station for roughly 10 minutes. The crew member denied the incident by stating that it was caused by hallucination due to fatigue.

Igor Volk, Vladimir Dzhanibekov, and Svetlana Savitskaya the three cosmonauts would also be joining the rest of the cosmonauts in the space station after two weeks since the incident happened.

Later, when the additional crew members joined the rest of the cosmonauts on the Salyut-7, they too reported the same incident that happened to Vladimir Solovyov, Leonid Kizim, and Oleg Atkov.

The crew members of the Mir space station in 1990 also reported the presence of mysterious objects in space. A spherical object that shimmered silver was spotted by Gennady Manakov. The object appeared for roughly 7 seconds.

A strange video filmed in 1993 by cosmonaut Musa Manarov showed a glowing object flying through space. The footage is still controversial as some believe it to be an extraterrestrial craft, while others believe that it could be merely space trash. No one has been able to explain what it was with conclusive evidence until now.