The secret diary of a US official revives the “Roswell Incident”

For decades after the Roswell incident, many people continue to doubt the veracity of the official version, especially after the hallazgo of an unannounced diary until it closed

The Roswell incident is probably one of the most well-known UFO events worldwide. It happened on July 2, 1947, when a strange apparatus that crashed in New Mexico (USA) gave rise to all kinds of speculation.

Fundamentally because the United States Government itself opened the door to it and now, 80 years later, doubts about what time really happened that day continued to happen.

Now, an unknown diary could help to shed light on the matter. Mac Brazel, a farmer from Roswell, showed up like every morning to cultivate on his ranch, when he found himself with some unknown metal remains.

a flying disk

After observing them, he soon fell into the account that they could have an air accident, which is why he notified the authorities.

Mayor Jesse Marcel, an American intelligence officer, was sent to supervise the collection of rubble, who took the first samples on the ground of that success.

On July 8, after Marcel’s description of what he had seen, a press officer of the North American Government issued a statement in which he described the accident and the recovery of a flying disk.

This communication caused numerous media to start giving information in which they explained that a UFO had crashed in the USA, many of them fabled about the possibility that some type of extraterrestrial life had arrived in the Earth.

Roswell Incident

The review was such that only a day after the Government itself rectified and assured that what had been recovered was not a flying plateau, but in fact it was the remains of a prototype of a probe globe to detect Soviet nuclear questions.

The doubts and the change of the US version on the ground did not call up the rumors, as they gave rise to speculations and conspiratorial theories that grew exponentially, an echo that had arrived for our days.

The first images that were filtered out of success showed Marcel posing with a series of metallic pieces that, in fact, corresponded with a probe globe, but now, a new element could serve to shed some more light on the case.

And that, more than halfway after, the family of Marcel himself has given to know a personal diary of the mayor of that time that could contain clues about the accident and what happened in reality, according to ‘LiveScience’.

This unknown diary has caused Canal Historia to start a new investigation that will be broadcast on a program called ‘Roswell: the first test’.

According to this unknown diary until it closes, Marcel was convinced that what he saw in Roswell had “extraterrestrial origins”, but the researchers went further:

Believe that the notebook hides a series of cryptic messages that could contain thoughts about what happened that day.

For decades after, doubts about what really happened this day remain more open than ever.

That early correction by the US Government about what the object was that they had found made many think that it was a ploy to cover up the truth.

But what is the truth?

Now, a previously unknown document could throw light on it as it is considered the first major UFO case of all times. We hope to be able to escribir muy preto con las novedades al respecto.