The secrets of a lost civilization are kept under the paw of the Great Sphinx

From ancient times, the Great Sphinx excites people’s fantasies. This mythical creature symbolizes mystery in Egyptian culture. The prediction of the famous medium and esoteric Edgar Cayce is known that there is a secret room under the paw of a giant statue.

The Hall of Records is a purported ancient library claimed to lie under the Great Sphinx of Giza.

There are documents and treasures either from Atlantis, or from some other highly developed, but dead civilization. When they are found, the fate of the world will change radically and, perhaps, the long-awaited golden age that mystics and poets dream of will come.

Oddly enough, the insights of the great esotericist are also confirmed by the ancient Egyptian papyri.

One of them says that in the cache under the paws of the Great Sphinx the greatest scrolls are stored, which contain the secrets of Osiris. But they will be revealed to the world not earlier than there will be people who are worthy of this knowledge and will not use it for harm.

What does science say about this?

In 1989, Japanese scientists, using the radar method, discovered a tunnel under the left paw of the Great Sphinx, which goes somewhere in the direction of the Khafre pyramid. However, the authorities immediately forbade further excavations.

In 1993, the American geophysicist Thomas DOBETSKI examined the Sphinx and found a vast rectangular cavity under its front paws. Once again, the Egyptian authorities vetoed further research at the site.

The reason is not clear: after all, no one was going to disassemble the Great Sphinx brick by brick. By the way, the Great Sphinx is slowly collapsing and the Egyptians are not in a hurry to restore the wonder of the world.

The clue may lie in the age of the monument. Apparently, it is older than the pyramids. Traces of flooding are visible on the surface of the Sphinx; scientists estimate objects’ age at 8 thousand years.

It turns out that it was created in antediluvian times. There is a version that even before the pharaohs.

Is this a message from that same “lost civilization”? Perhaps the opening of the cache will someday shed light on this secret.