There is overwhelming evidence that extraterrestrial beings genetically created the human race

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We definitely came from aliens, there is no doubt about it. If you want to generate powerful emotions, talk about the history of the human race.

Adamant believers advocate for the literal, biblical worldview, which holds that humans were created in an instant by a Creator. Although scientists argue that humans are the product of purely evolutionary processes, which includes a number of theories,

As it turns out, mounting evidence supports the potential that both hypotheses are true, suggesting that while the human race is undoubtedly an evolving species, there are various reasons to believe that a more advanced life form may have contributed to the evolution of our DNA.

More physicists, historians, geneticists, and anthropologists are questioning the status quo as we learn more about our past by using the dreaded “A” word and the overwhelming evidence that something had a role in our evolution.

Therefore, if you’re still ignoring this idea because you’ve never seen one, we’d like to update you on some of the astounding scientific findings that show our genetic makeup is more complex than just a jumble of cards.