They Went to Mars And Didn’t Tell Us – Project REDSUN (VIDEO)

project redsun

Ever since the ever-so-popular Apollo missions took off in the 60s experts have been putting a huge question mark over the Red Planet as far as what we know about it. And what we don’t know about it because with the Moon out of the way. It was only a matter of time. Before we saw it for what it really was like we did with the Moon.

We were extremely excited to see more about it but at the same time. It became clearer and clearer. That the information we were getting at the time simply put wasn’t adding up anymore.

But there is an ongoing theory out there that states. That the world didn’t wait as long as they claim they did in order to visit the Red Planet after all.

Commonly referred to as Project REDSUN, it is said to have been originally meant as a means to colonize the Red Planet after Mariner 4 officially returned from its expedition in 1965.

Soon after they embarked on their quest though it is said. That they actually came upon life on Mars unlike anything they’d ever seen before as now experts believe. That life on Mars is not only real but also intelligent.

You can see in the following video the fact that this completely changed their objective at the time as they first wanted to colonize the planet. But after seeing such intelligent life on it they quickly withdrew. So that they wouldn’t risk causing a war between the species.