This woman tells us about her strange birth and claims to be an alien hybrid

She goes under the name Lisa and believes she is a human-alien mix, as many UFO enthusiasts do.

Abductees who have been abducted and inseminated by extraterrestrials, mostly females, produce hybrids as a result. The outcome is the birth of an alien-human hybrid with otherworldly characteristics. Despite the hybrids’ strong human traits, something off-putting is seen, and they suspect something is amiss with them.

Their seductive eyes are one of their defining characteristics. They seem to be looking deep into your soul when they look at you.

Additionally, they experience flying and out-of-body states that regularly take them into space, where they may communicate with their alien ancestors. Their improved telepathic and intuitive skills are another defining feature.

All of these aspects and more characterize Lisa’s experiences.

“There are a lot of people out there like this,” the speaker said. “I’m here for a reason, and it’s a bit different than other people’s.” Work has to be done. It is a heavy burden for us to alter things.

View the video below to see Lisa describe her experience for the first time in front of the camera.