This woman was shown the future of Earth by grey aliens (video)

Sherry Wilde , Abduction,Grey aliens

Sherry Wilde presents an extraordinary account, stating she was abducted by aliens from a distant galaxy. During her revelation, Sherry differentiates between an abduction experience and being a voluntary participant, unveiling captivating insights about her “interstellar journey.”

Her encounters with the unknown began around the tender age of 17, marked by an episode where she vanished for a certain period. Puzzled by this incident, she attributed it to a lapse in memory.

Yet, her curiosity led her to try hypnotic regression. This therapeutic process unveiled startling truths – she had been repeatedly transported onto an alien spaceship during her youth.

The regression not only revealed these frequent cosmic voyages but also shed light on her unique role. The aliens had supposedly returned her to Earth with a mission. Her purpose was to transmute malevolent energies and serve as a willing emissary in this cosmic endeavor. Her story underscores the inexplicable mysteries of our universe and the continuous quest for understanding life beyond Earth.