Mysterious “alien hand” washed up on beach in Brazil

The other day, a skeletal appendage of someone’s limb was thrown onto a beach in Brazil, which slightly resembles the hand of some humanoid creature.

Leticia Gomez Santiago and her boyfriend Devanir Souza were on a romantic walk along the beach when they stumbled upon a creepy find.

It happened on the beach of Ilha Comprida, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The size of the limb is slightly larger than the human hand.

“We think it’s not human due to the size and number of bones. But what could it be?”

They posted photos on social media and many users responded to their request to determine what kind of creature. Most believe that the limb could belong to some kind of sea creature, but there are those, who are sure that this is the hand of an alien.

There were also versions that these were dinosaur bones or a mermaid’s limb.

When marine biologist Eric Comyn saw the photos, he stated that it looked like part of a cetacean animal, probably a dolphin, but said more detailed analysis would be needed to determine more precisely.

Comyn also stated that judging by the degree of decomposition, the mysterious creature died more than a year ago.

Huge Sea Monster Caught On Camera In China

This footage seems to be from a bridge in China and captures remarkably clear footage of a giant monster in the water. What kind of monster remains unclear, but it’s clearly something unusual.

The camera zooms in to show a huge snake-like creature swimming through the water.

No limbs are visible but the elongated form and serpentine movements quickly bring to mind one of the common portrayals of the Loch Ness monster that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Chinese dragons of myth and legend.

What is this strange creature swimming through the murky water? Some say it is a type of whip kelp, but the movements seem far too purposeful for anything but swimming.

Some commenters think this creature is more likely to be a Chinese alligator, sometimes known historically as the “muddy dragon”.

These reptiles are often attributed to be the base of the eastern dragon mythology and it does seem a feasible explanation for what is seen in the video. Alligators are found in freshwater and it is unclear whether this is ocean, river, or lake.

Hunter captures alleged Bigfoot on camera during trip to birch forest

Another video clip of an alleged Sasquatch has appeared online – but is it really an unknown hominid or just a prankster in a suit ?

The footage, which was uploaded onto the YouTube channel ‘Nv Tv’ yesterday, begins with a brief backstory stating that the individual who submitted it was a hunter who had been out in the woods when he saw something unexpected and decided to hide in the bushes to get a closer look.

When the creature moved away he attempted to follow it but it was too quick and he couldn’t keep up.

No specific details of exactly when and where the video was recorded were provided.

The identity of the individual who submitted the clip also remains a mystery.

The footage itself, which does seem to show a bipedal hominid of some kind traipsing through the forest, is certainly interesting, but it’s impossible to tell for sure that it is a genuine creature.

As with many clips of this nature, it would be fairly easy to fake the footage and we certainly can’t rule out the possibility that it is simply a person in a Bigfoot costume.

You can check out the video for yourself below, what do you think ?

Giant mysterious cave discovered in Antarctica

Researchers often find various objects and formations in Antarctica that seem to have nothing to do with nature. Some of these structures have an explanation, but others elude our understanding.

The continent, which, presumably, has not yet been fully explored, undoubtedly hides some secret from humanity. Perhaps that is why the great powers do not want people to be free to be there, exploring unusual places.

Independent researchers believe that Google does not allow users of the service to explore the white spot thousands of kilometers in the center of the continent.

It is known that warm air periodically raises the temperature on this continent. Scientists believe that underground volcanoes are to blame, but some believe that this is not so. The reason may be different.

Perhaps the signals picked up by scientists do not come from outer space, but most likely from the bowels of Antarctica.

Many researchers believe that the part of the continent hidden by satellites may be inhabited by intelligent beings, possibly arriving from another planet.

The discovered formation is very mysterious, and more and more questions arise, seeing its similarity with others that we find on the shores of this continent.

This video was leaked to the Web quite recently, and so far there are no comments on it. Therefore, there are more questions than answers.

Humanity Has Not Found Aliens and This is a Serious Cause For Concern

Neither the Earth, nor the Solar System, nor even the Milky Way is something unique to the Universe, which has sheltered at least two trillion galaxies with hundreds of billions of stars and even more planets.

Knowledge of these facts leads to a completely logical conclusion: life must be widespread in the universe. Somewhere there must be highly developed civilizations with which mankind can come into contact.

Why have we still not found “brothers in mind”? There can be many answers to this question, but today we will consider such an option as catastrophic climate change.

First, we know from personal experience that progress and an ever-increasing population lead to “overheating of the planet”;

Secondly, looking at Mars, we know that the once warm and humid world can turn into a lifeless desert during such uncontrolled processes as, for example, the fall of a large meteorite.

So, if we exclude natural processes, as in the case of Mars, then there remains the option of human influence on the planet’s climate.

Recent studies suggest that we have already passed the point of no return , which means that the situation will get worse and worse, which in the future may lead to the collapse of civilization.

If we stop burning fossil fuels (oil, gas) right now, it will take centuries to eliminate the consequences of climate change. In other words, we screwed up so much that it became too difficult to clean up after ourselves.

Perhaps we have not found traces of the activities of highly developed aliens for the reason that they have long disappeared as a species, unable to cope with climate change on their planets.

Global warming is an inevitable side effect of any progress, as it is impossible to make the leap from primitive tools directly to renewable energy and electric vehicles. Absolutely any developed civilization is bound to face serious climate problems.

It is likely that in the Universe there were a huge number of progressive civilizations that appeared long before mankind, which faced irreparable climate change and simply died out.

This, by the way, may be one of the solutions to the Fermi paradox – the absence of visible traces of the activities of highly developed aliens.

Humanity, being a fairly young intelligent (relatively) species, has already reached the point where each new day becomes gloomier than the previous one. Therefore, it is possible that highly developed aliens could simply get ahead of us in self-destruction .

Is It Possible To Send Astronauts To Venus In The Future?

Venus, often called Earth’s “evil twin” planet, formed closer to the Sun and has since evolved quite differently from our own planet. It has a “runaway” greenhouse effect (meaning heat is completely trapped), a thick carbon-dioxide-rich atmosphere, no magnetic field and a surface hot enough to melt lead.

Several uncrewed scientific missions will study how and why that happened in the next decade. But now some scientists want to send a crewed mission there as well for a flyby. Is that a good idea?

With a slightly smaller diameter than Earth, Venus orbits closer to the Sun. This means that any water on the surface would have evaporated shortly after its formation, starting its greenhouse effect.

Early and sustained volcanic eruptions created lava plains and increased the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – starting the runaway greenhouse effect, which increased the temperature from just a little higher than Earth’s to its current high value of 475C.

While the Venus year is shorter than ours (225 days), its rotation is very slow (243 days) and “retrograde” – the other way round to Earth. The slow rotation is related to a lack of magnetic field, resulting in a continuing loss of atmosphere. Venus’ atmosphere “super-rotates” faster than the planet itself. Images from many missions show V-shaped patterns of clouds, composed of sulphuric acid droplets.

Despite the harsh conditions, some scientists have speculated that Venus’ clouds might at some altitudes harbour habitable conditions. Recent measurements apparently showing phosphine – a potential sign of life as it is continuously produced by microbes on Earth – in Venus’ clouds have been strongly debated. Clearly, we need more measurements and exploration to work out where it comes from.

Future missions

What we know about Venus so far has been gathered from several past probes. In 1970-82, for example, the Soviet Venera 7-14 probes were able to land on Venus’ harsh surface, survive for up to two hours and send back images and data.

But there are remaining questions about how Venus evolved so differently from Earth, which are also relevant for understanding which planets orbiting other stars may harbour life.

The next decade promises to be a bonanza for Venus scientists. In 2021, Nasa selected two missions, Veritas and DaVinci+, due for launch in 2028-30. The European Space Agency selected EnVision for launch in the early 2030s. These are complementary, uncrewed missions which will give us deeper understanding of Venus’ environment and evolution.

Veritas will map Venus’ surface to determine the geological history, rock composition and the importance of early water. DaVinci+ includes an orbiter and a small probe that will descend through the atmosphere and measure its composition, study the planet’s formation and evolution and determine whether it ever had an ocean.

EnVision will study the planet’s surface, subsurface and atmospheric trace gases. It will use radar to map the surface with better resolution than ever before. India also plans an uncrewed mission, Shukrayaan-1, and Russia has proposed Venera-D.

Do we need crewed flybys?

The idea of a crewed flyby of Venus was suggested in the late 1960s, and involved using an Apollo capsule to fly people around the planet. But this idea ended when Apollo finished. Now, the Artemis project to fly around the Moon, and other ideas of crewed missions, have led to the idea being floated again, most recently in journal papers and at a recent meeting of the International Astronautical Federation, an advocacy organisation, in September 2022.

The idea would be to fly a crewed spacecraft around Venus and return to Earth. This would allow scientists to test deep-space techniques such as how to operate a crewed mission with significant time delays when communicating with Earth.

It could therefore prepare us for a more complex, crewed mission to Mars. However, the crew wouldn’t do any landing or actual atmosphere investigation at Venus – the conditions are way too harsh.

The researchers who back this idea argue that you could also use Venus’ gravity to alter the spacecraft’s course for Mars, which could save time and energy compared with going directly from Earth to Mars.


That’s because the latter option would require the orbits of the two planets to be aligned, meaning you’d have to wait for the right moment both on the way there and back. However, as a crewed mission to Mars would be highly complex, going directly from Earth to Mars would keep designs simpler.

Sending humans to a planet that may harbour living organisms also won’t make it easier to find them. It is risky – we may end up contaminating the atmosphere before we discover any life. The best way to look for biochemical signs of life is with uncrewed probes. There would also be significant thermal challenges and higher radiation from solar flares due to closer proximity to the Sun.

And, unfortunately, with a flyby mission like this, only a few hours of data would be possible on the inbound and outbound trajectories. It would be a highly expensive venture, which would no doubt produce some amazing imagery and useful additional data. However, this would add little to the detailed and much longer bespoke studies currently planned. I, therefore, believe the likelihood of a crewed mission to Venus is very unlikely.

There have also been conceptual, more far-fetched studies – including sending crewed airships to hover in Venus’ atmosphere, rather than just flying by. This is a nice idea, which may achieve more science than a flyby, but it remains a distant and unrealistic concept for now.

For the moment, we only carry out crewed exploration in low-Earth orbit. The Artemis project, however, aims to fly people around the Moon and build a station, called Gateway, in lunar orbit.

This is being designed to do science, enable crewed landings on the Moon and crucially to test deep space techniques such as refuelling and operating in a remote environment that could in the long run help get us to Mars without doing training at Venus.

Andrew Coates, Professor of Physics, Deputy Director (Solar System) at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

Plasma-based Life in the Universe: Another Look at what Can Be Called Life

Plasma-based life is hypothetical life based on what is sometimes called the “fourth state of matter”. The possibility of such non-corporeal life is a common theme in science fiction.

However, in September 2003, physicists managed to create plasma clots that can grow, reproduce and communicate, which meets most of the traditional requirements for biological cells.

With no genetic material in their composition, they cannot be called alive, but researchers believe that these curious spheres may offer a radical new explanation for how life began.

Most biologists believe that living cells arose as a result of a complex and long evolution of chemicals, which took millions of years, starting from simple molecules through amino acids, primitive proteins, and finally forming an organized structure.

But if Mircea Sandulovich and his colleagues at Cuza University in Romania are right, then the theory may need to be revised.

They argue that cell-like self-organization can occur in a few microseconds. The researchers studied environmental conditions similar to those that existed on Earth before the dawn of life, when the planet was engulfed in electrical storms that caused plasma to form in the atmosphere.

They inserted two electrodes into a chamber containing a low-temperature plasma of argon, a gas in which some atoms are split into electrons and charged ions. They applied a high voltage to the electrodes, causing an arc of energy to shoot through the gap between them like a miniature lightning bolt.

Sandulovich says that this electrical spark caused a high concentration of ions and electrons on the positively charged electrode, which spontaneously formed spheres.

Each sphere had a boundary consisting of two layers – an outer layer of negatively charged electrons and an inner layer of positively charged ions. Inside the boundary there was an inner core of gas atoms.

The amount of energy in the initial spark determined their size and lifespan. Sandulovich managed to grow spheres from a few micrometers to three centimeters in diameter. A clear boundary layer that delimits and separates an object from its environment is one of the four main criteria commonly used to define living cells.

Sandulovich decided to find out if his cells met other criteria: the ability to replicate, transmit information, metabolism and growth.

He found that the spheres could replicate, splitting into two parts. Under the right conditions, they also grew in size, absorbing neutral argon atoms and splitting them into ions and electrons to replenish their boundary layers.

Finally, they could transmit information by emitting electromagnetic energy, causing the atoms inside other spheres to vibrate at a certain frequency.

Spheres are not the only self-organizing systems that meet all these requirements. But they are the first gaseous “cells”. Sandulovich even believes that they may have been the first cells on Earth, originating in electrical storms.

“The emergence of such spheres is probably a prerequisite for biochemical evolution,” he says.

This research raises the intriguing possibility that life throughout the universe may have a much broader basis than is commonly acknowledged.

If life in plasma can arise naturally, then the places of its search can be the outer layers or interiors of stars (the Sun), the magnetospheres of planets, regions of high temperatures, and even ball lightning.

Astronomers have discovered two large domed objects on the Earth’s satellite

There are several theories about the population of the Moon by intelligent beings. Some researchers believe that people already live and work on the earth’s satellite.

Now it is reported about the discovered abandoned settlement between two craters – Paracelsus and Aitken.

Alas, there is little to make out in the photographs, but several dozen ufologists and astronomers are sure that there is a domed structure that reflects light, which is why it is hard to see in the photographs.

For the first time, NASA learned about this mysterious object in 1972. Since then, attempts have been made to scrutinize it. Several lunar vehicles were sent to the specified area.

The results of those missions are classified, but, as is often the case, former employees of the agency are prone to information leaks, so the public learned about the details of these studies.

The source for the following images is fron the USGS {United States Geological Survey} joint NASA website providing raw images for scientific studies. Click here for original photo.

Academic science has confirmed the presence of two (according to some sources – three) mysterious domed objects on the moon.

Of course these structures can be of natural origin. Nature is amazingly diverse and almost everything is within its power. According to one version these formations are just bizarrely shaped craters. There is an even more mundane explanation – visual deception, the play of light and shadow together create the illusion of a large dome.

But there are other versions.

The structures, which were spotted on NASA’s maps, were supposedly made by a species of aliens called ‘Greys’, which are supposedly a race of super-intelligent extraterrestrials which like the dark. This is the reason they built the dome-like structures, so they can live underground in the dark.

“There is an alien species who like the darkness so much they genetically changed themselves to have sunglasses second eyelids cover their eyes at will. The greys”, says prominent alien hunter Scott C Waring.

Mysterious Spheres are Falling From the Sky Around the World

This phenomenon has been observed for hundreds of years, but what kind of metal balls they are, and where they come from, still remains a mystery.

Just recently, on July 31, another mysterious sphere fell in Mexico. The inhabitants of Veracruz watched a ball fall from the sky, the material of which was purely visually determined to be metal or hard plastic. The ball has a yellowish color and some kind of “process” resembling an antenna.

Local residents were forbidden to approach the crash site. The military took the ball and examined the crash site, but no comments have yet been made about what it is.

Prior to this, the fall of the ball was observed in 1966 in Arkansas (USA). Object fell before the eyes of eyewitnesses from an absolutely clear sky. The ball had a diameter of about 30 cm.

In 1963, three similar balls were found in the Australian desert. And all of them had absolutely no damage.

In 1969 Argentine researcher A. Schneider demonstrated a similar ball with a diameter of 22 cm, found in Argentina. In front of journalists’ cameras, he unsuccessfully tried to damage the surface of the ball for about half an hour. But no mechanical action left even a scratch on the surface of the sphere.

Some believe that the sphere may be part of some satellite or other flying machine. However, there is evidence of a ball falling from the sky in 1802 near Leiden (Netherlands), when the sky was not yet mastered by man.

Local residents found a metal ball on the field and took it to the Leiden University, which was quite advanced for those times (and even now). Scientists could not understand what kind of ball it was and from what. It was kept at the university until the Napoleonic soldiers dragged it away, after which the trace of the mysterious ball was lost.

After the First World War, another ball was found on the territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was supposedly made of titanium.

The most mysterious ball was discovered in 1974 in Florida. Mr. Betz found it at the site of a terrible forest fire, not far from his home. The man threw the object into the car and brought it home.

A metal ball with a diameter of 20 centimeters behaved very strangely. His very presence in the house caused an inexplicable restless behavior of the dog. If you push the ball, it will automatically change its trajectory so as to return to its original point.

A detailed study showed that the ball has as many as four magnetic poles, creates a magnetic field around itself and emits radio waves. And inside it has three more spherical elements. It is supposedly made of steel, but with an admixture of some unknown element.

Similar balls in 2000 fell from the sky in Australia and Africa. Metal spheres fell in both Vietnam and Peru in 2018 and 2022, they were designated as satellite fuel tanks. But in the discussion of these events on the network, many doubt this version.

That is, the fall of the spheres occurs periodically for at least the last two hundred years. But what kind of balls these are, there is no definite answer. There are only guesses.

Well, now everything is even simpler, you can write everything off as satellites, weather balloons and the wreckage of space ships and stations.

The man claims that after being struck by lightning, he gained a unique power

The Australian is incredibly lucky that he survived after he was struck by lightning. The consequences of a lightning strike persist to this day. He claims that he can now predict when a thunderstorm is coming, reports

The man claims that after being struck by lightning, he gained a unique power.

In November 2015, 31-year-old Kristoffer Green was heading to the hospital with his daughter, who had been stung by a wasp. Then he noticed that clouds were approaching and said that you need to be more careful.

Kristoffer Green

It was at that moment that lightning struck the umbrella handle and passed through the man’s body.

According to Green, he was helping his wife to seat his daughter in the back seat of the car, and held an umbrella in his hands.

“The umbrella has a wooden handle, but the tip of my right index finger touched the metal part. It was like a blinding light and then I passed out. My wife said I just fainted.”

The Australian was rushed to the hospital, where he was hooked up to a monitor. The apparatus showed that his heart was beating at a speed of “a million miles per hour.”

“When I woke up in the medical center, my wife was crying over me, and I was just in shock. I had no idea where I was or what happened,” he added.

The man was treated at the hospital and sent home the next day.

Despite his recovery, the physical and psychological effects of the blow persisted for a long time. There was a tingling sensation in the right arm, struck by lightning, for several days.

Now the Australian, who used to love thunderstorms, has dramatically changed his attitude towards this natural phenomenon.

“If a thunderstorm comes, I get stressed and my heart starts racing,” he said.

Even though the tingling in his arm has stopped, Greene says it only comes back in one case.

“For several years after being hit, my right arm started to hurt even before the storm hit,” he said. “I sometimes tell my wife that ‘thunderstorm is coming’ and after a few hours it really starts.”

Boris Kipriyanovich: A Russian Prodigy Who Claimed To Have Lived On Mars, Where Is He Now?

Mars is the most favorable planet in the solar system for humans, as it shares a lot of similarities with Earth. Since 1971, scientists have been analyzing and discovering new things about Mars. It requires a speed of 24,600 mph for a spacecraft to reach the Red Planet after traveling 246 million miles in a time period of 150-300 days. Though on official note humans have never arrived on Mars, a boy named Boris Kipriyanovich claimed that he had been a Martian in his previous life.

“The origin of life on Earth is the biggest mystery of human beings. Scientists can have totally different points of view on the matter. Some think that life is very rare and happened only once in the Universe, while others think that life can happen on every suitable planet. If panspermia is possible, life must exist much more often than we previously thought,” says Dr. Akihiko Yamagishi, a Professor at Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences and principal investigator of the space mission Tanpopo.

Dr. Akihiko Yamagishi believes in panspermia and spent three years in the research. He found out that all aggregates superior to 0.5 mm partially survived to space conditions. (Click here for full story)

Boris Kipriyanovich’s story may not go with the theory of panspermia, but it does start an important discussion about life on Mars. The boy who is also known as “Boriska” or “Little Boris” was born on January 11, 1996, in the Russian city of Volgograd.

Boris Kipriyanovich: A Russian Prodigy Who Claimed To Have Lived On Mars

His reincarnation on Earth is associated with the goal of saving our humanity. According to his mother, she knew that her child was special from the moment he began to hold his head without any support when he was only two weeks old. His parents did not tell him anything special about space, but the boy spoke about Mars and alien civilizations very often. During his birth, his mother reportedly did not feel any pain. “As a physician, I knew babies’ eyes cannot focus on objects. However, my little baby looked at me with his big brown eyes,” she added.

When he was only 4 months old, Boris surprised everyone as he started speaking. By the age of 2, he was speaking in full, correct, and coherent sentences, as well as writing, drawing, painting, reading, and demonstrating amazing memory skills. It seemed as if he was some sort of prodigy child genius.

His parents said that Boris developed some sort of extraordinary psychic abilities which made them worried about him. Soon they understood that Boris was not just an ordinary child. He was born with extraordinary intelligence. He used to visit a well-known Anomalous Zone on the mountain to fulfill his needs in energy. He also started showing immense interest in space, planets, and other celestial bodies. But what attracted him more was Mars. Despite his parents never exposed him to astronomy, he already knew a lot of information about space. Soon, he began making some outlandish claims about his life on

Boris revelated that the Martians are immortal. They stop aging at the age of 35, are technologically advanced, and are also competent in interstellar travel. He said that when they fly to our planet, they have to breathe through special tubes filled with carbon dioxide.

He said: “The human life will change when the Sphinx is opened, it has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear; I do not remember exactly.” He explained how he had once visited the Earth as a pilot, when he was revived in 1996. He said, “I remember that time when I was 14 or 15 years old. The Martians were waging wars all the time, so I would often have to participate in air raids with a friend of mine.”

“We could travel in time and space flying in round spaceships, but we would observe life on Earth on triangular aircraft. Martian spaceships are very complicated. They are layered, and they can fly all across the Universe.”

He said that he was not the only child from outer space on Earth, claiming that there were others who survived the catastrophe and reincarnated on planets across the galaxy and were referred to as “Indigo Children” with supernatural abilities.

According to the young man, he witnessed the death of the civilization of the Red Planet in atomic fire and does not intend to allow humanity to suffer the same fate. He fears that such death threatens the human race.

Boris said that he had seen the Earth during the pre-historic time when the planet was inhabited by the Lemurian civilization and Egyptian civilizations. He also claimed that there is a connection between the ancient Egyptians and Martians, and the Great Sphinx in Giza holds the biggest secrets that can change humanity.

The only last photo of Boris Kipriyanovich from 2018, shared on Quora.

According to him, there was a close relationship between Martians and the Egyptians at that time. He baffled scientists as they could not understand that how such a small child know about space, astronomy, planetary systems, space travel, and physics. He has given several interviews, telling about his past life on Mars, space travel, the universe, and multiple dimensions.

According to Boris, space travel involved passing through parallel dimensions. He even told about his self-designed spacecraft. “It consists of six layers. 25%-outer layer, made of durable metal, a 30%-second layer made of something similar to rubber, the third layer comprises 30%-once again metal. The final 4% is composed of a special magnetic layer. If we are to charge this magnetic layer with energy, those machines will be able to fly anywhere in the Universe.”

Is Boris Kipriyanovich a hoax? He is said to have disappeared along with his mother. Western journalists tried to track him down but failed. According to the information available on various online forums, one of the journalists was told by Russian associates that Boris lives in a remote place under the protection of the Russian government while other sources say that he lives in Moscow. However, the mystery remains unsolved.

Silurian Hypothesis: Was There Another Civilization on Earth Before Humans

Scientists are investigating the question of whether there was an advanced civilization in the past that died as a result of global warming, provoked by its actions on the planet.

The Silurian Hypothesis suggests that millions of years ago there could have been a non-human civilization on Earth capable of transforming the world enough to cause climate changes comparable to or greater than those caused by mankind during the industrial age.

In a 2018 paper, Adam Frank, an astrophysicist at the University of Rochester, and Gavin Schmidt, director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, imagined an advanced civilization before humans and pondered whether it would “be possible to detect an industrial civilization in the geological record”.

The scientists base their findings on studying a phenomenon known as the “Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum,” a dramatic climate change that marked the end of the Paleocene and the beginning of the Eocene, 56 million years ago.

During that historical period, the average temperature of the Earth was 15 degrees higher than today. There was practically no ice on the entire surface of the Earth, and the climate at the poles was almost tropical.

Curiously, there are studies that show that in previous centuries there was a shocking increase in carbon emissions, comparable to what is expected in the Anthropocene – the geological epoch that will replace the current, Holocene, due to the impact of human activities on the environment.

“Are these events evidence of the existence of a non-human industrial civilization?” asks Frank in an article.

While this increase in carbon emissions in the Paleocene may have been caused by the burning of fossil coal, as it is today, there are significant time differences.

What in the past would have happened in hundreds of thousands of years is now happening in a century. However, scientists pay attention to one point.

If this extinct civilization really existed, then it is quite possible that not a trace of it remains. It should be remembered that most fossils found date back thousands or hundreds of thousands of years, not millions.

It is possible that the remains of hypothetical factories and buildings of that time are just dust today.

“It would be easy to overlook an industrial civilization that lived only 100,000 years, which is 500 times longer than our industrial civilization,” Frank says.

Searching for evidence of such a short event in ancient deposits may require new and specialized detection methods.

In other words, unless you are specifically looking for it, you may not find it. This recognition is perhaps the most serious conclusion of this study.

At a time when humanity is having such a strong impact on the sustainability of the planet through its actions, it doesn’t seem wrong to think that it could become extinct as a result of climate change.

And there is a possibility that this has already happened to another civilization on our planet.

Apollo 17 Astronaut Couldn’t Hide His Surprise When He Saw A UFO On The Moon

Apollo 17 (December 7–19, 1972) was the final mission of NASA’s Apollo program, the most recent time humans have set foot on the Moon or traveled beyond low Earth orbit. Commander Gene Cernan and Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt walked on the Moon, while Command Module Pilot Ronald Evans orbited above.

Normally NASA astronauts follow a “script” and they know exactly what and when to say.

This astronaut however was too shocked by something he had never seen before. He forgets his “lines” and no longer follows the script.

Instead, a long and not planned discussion and conversation starts. The astronaut is truly amazed. Unlike his colleague, who seems to be in charge.

The astronaut asks what these objects were that flew over his head. Then it becomes hilarious. Flabbergasted, the second astronaut does also not know what to say. This was not planned and not in the script. He is however aware of the fact that they are being watched by NASA officials.

After a short period of silence, he says that it was a blast coming from the dial-shaped disc of the high gain antenna on the rover (vehicle).

More objects start flying over and again we hear genuine excitement. Then the astronaut realizes that he had said something he should not have said in front of the cameras and NASA. He reluctantly accepts the vague explanation. He is really annoyed and you hear sarcasm and disbelief in the undertone of his voice.

NASA tries to save this unpleasant situation and intervenes as CAPCOM confirms that it was a blast from the antenna and that it happened before.

According to the astronaut who clearly is in charge, this blast from the antenna is just “routine”.

This is an interesting video. Styrofoam blowing up on the Moon? This has happened before? When this really would be the case, would they not have taken countermeasures?

Space programs are planned with utmost precision and they do not take any risks with equipment and astronauts.

So what do you think after having seen the footage? Was it a blast from the antenna? Exploding styrofoam? Or is someone not telling us the truth and these two astronauts had a couple of “visitors” passing by?

Photo Of A Priest Levitating

The case of San José de Cupertino is, without a doubt, the first of all due to the conspicuous nature of this manifestation.

Catholicism considers levitation to be a non-ordinary phenomenon that consists of a body rising over the earth, maintaining itself in the air without natural support.

In Catholic mystique, it is called ascending ecstasy and ecstatic gait when the body seems to move without touching the ground. In the studies carried out by the Bolandists, testimonies of some cases of levitation in the history of Christianity are pointed out: São José de Cupertino, São Francisco de Assis, São Tomás de Aquino, São Pio de Pietrelcina, São Martinho de Porre, Santo Afonso de Ligório, Santa Catarina de Senna, São Filipe Neri, São Pedro de Alcântara, São Francisco Xavier, Santa Teresa de Jesus, São João da Cruz, São Stephen of Hungary.

The original photo is displayed in a memorial in honor of Fr. Giovanni Sala.

The case of San José de Cupertino is, without a doubt, the first of all due to the conspicuous nature of this manifestation.

The Church explained this phenomenon as an advance of the gift of agility proper to glorious bodies. As a rule, mystical levitation is verified while the patient is in ecstasy and, if the body rises a little, it is called ascension ecstasy; if it rises high, it is called an ecstatic flight; and if you start walking fast off the ground, but without touching it, it’s called ecstatic walking

The Priest in the photo is a Jesuit Father named Fr. Giovanni Sala, the photo is real. Until his death, Fr. Giovanni Sala, SJ, was a student of Bernard Lonergan, a translator of Lonergan’s work into Italian and German, and a world-class Kant scholar. His writings below have been translated into English with support from members of the Lonergan Institute for the ‘Good Under Construction’ in Washington, DC.

Three Thousand Year Old Statue Found in Cappadocia, Turkey

A Facebook user published a photograph of a reported “three-thousand-year-old statue unearthed in Cappadocia” on April 26, 2021, in a post that consisted of an image and words — but no further details.

Two captions, one in Portuguese and one in English, would appear on Facebook accounts set to English by default:

A three-thousand-year-old statue was discovered at Capadócia.

In Cappadocia, a three-thousand-year-old statue was discovered

The picture was posted to Reddit’s r/Incredibly on May 7, 2021. The same image and language did not include any supporting material, much like the Facebook version:

The picture was shared to r/interesting by the same account:

Top commenters on the story were suspicious of the claim as provided, speculating that the image had been changed to prevent reverse image searches from revealing what the snapshot truly showed:

“Cool… Do you want to contribute an article? Do you require any other information? Is there any proof that this isn’t nonsense? Because Google returns nothing and the image appears to have been slightly rotated, you can’t imagine doing a reverse search.”

“Based on the quality of this figure, I would declare 100 percent phony before checking into it.” It’s in too nice of shape to be that ancient. After investigating this allegation with no proof and debunking similar claims of bicycles and astronaut statues on antique temples, my beginner opinion would be: false. It is, nonetheless, a cool-looking statue, if not very ancient.”

The image was widely circulated, and it conjured up images of “ancient astronauts,” a concept that straddles the line between conjecture and pseudoscience (at least according to Wikipedia, where all conspiracy theories ultimately end up as entries):

The belief that intelligent extraterrestrial creatures visited Earth and established contact with humanity in antiquity and prehistoric times is referred to as “ancient astronauts” (or “ancient aliens”). It is sometimes portrayed in a pseudoscientific manner. According to proponents, this encounter impacted the formation of contemporary civilizations, technology, religions, and human biology. Most, if not all, religions’ gods are extraterrestrial in origin, according to popular belief, and superior technology delivered to Earth by ancient aliens was perceived as proof of divine status by early humans.

Most academics dismiss the existence of ancient astronauts, and peer-reviewed research has found no evidence of their existence. When proponents of a concept submit evidence supporting their ideas, it is sometimes skewed or made up. Erich von Däniken, Zecharia Sitchin, Robert K. G. Temple, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, and David Hatcher Childress are well-known proponents from the latter part of the twentieth century who have produced multiple books or often appear in the media.

The 3,000-year-old Cappadocia monument was completely omitted from the page, which contained multiple photographs of objects alleged to be evidence of “ancient astronauts.”

Only a few results for the Cappadocia “ancient astronaut” popped up in Google Image Search, with the majority of them pointing to tweets from late April or early May 2021. Google recommended “artifact” as a label and produced 14 results; we discovered 18 iterations when we altered the text to “3000”:

Without a particular source for the claim, figuring out anything more about the image was impossible, and the image search engine TinEye yielded zero hits. A reverse image search tracked down the earliest iteration we found, which was shared on Facebook on April 24, 2021.

Otherwise, the image of a three-thousand-year-old Cappadocia astronaut statue was a dead end. We found no evidence of any strange discoveries that matched the post assertions, and as commentators pointed out, the reverse image search only went back to late April 2021. While we rank the claim Unknown, there’s no indication that the image or explanation was even remotely true or trustworthy — and, based on share counts, it’s reasonable to assume that the answer was added to the image to (successfully) acquire social media shares.

How did an astronaut end up carved into the entrance of the church in Salamanca?

I’m not sure if the world’s most renowned astronaut has visited the entrance of Salamanca’s Catedral Nueva, but if not, Commander Hadfield, you should board your spacecraft right now and fly to Spain.

As is the case with many churches in European cities, the Catedral Nueva, or ‘New Cathedral,’ is not new. It’s a construction project that began in 1513 and was hampered by several calamities, notably the Lisbon earthquake of 1755. Chris Hadfield would be enthralled with the masonry in the portico around one of the entrances since it has a sculpture of an astronaut among the stone leaves and flora.

The astronaut is hovering above the heads of the visitors who have gathered beneath it; ancient stonemasons anticipated the arrival of spacemen. The small figure is there because the entrance’s carvings needed to be replaced in recent years. The stonemasons decided to add it as a symbol of one of the most significant events in the church’s history since it was erected.

Whether or not you understand why the stone astronaut is there, it’s a pleasant, whimsical surprise in a Unesco World Heritage city that has other surprises in store for first-time visitors.

Salamanca’s enclosed Main Square is the city’s largest and most charming surprise. It’s an 18th-century sandstone masterpiece that seemed to have remained complete, similar to the Place des Vosges in Paris. Students may rent the period flats above the stores and restaurants on the bottom levels, and they do. They would have had an unsettlingly good view of the bullfights in the square below until 150 years ago. A stone bull’s head still protrudes from one of the square’s entrances to mark the occasion.

A 3000-year-old figure was discovered in Cappadocia, Turkey. The Ancient Alien’s visage even has a UFO drawn on it. Mexican antiques and other artifacts from throughout the world.

‘World’s first human cyborg’ has died, aged 64

Struck down with motor neuron disease, Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan wanted to reinvent what it means to be human.

Humans augmented with technological enhancements have been a staple of cyberpunk science fiction for years, but for robotics expert Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan, making it possible for people with physical disabilities to bypass their limitations through the science of cybernetics became a life-long passion.

Dr. Scott-Morgan, who suffered from the same neurodegenerative disorder as Professor Stephen Hawking, developed and implemented a range of systems including a life-like avatar through which he could display emotion, a voice box that was equipped with recordings of his own voice and eye-tracking technology through which he was able to control computers.

As his body failed, these systems became an increasingly important life-line and served as the primary way in which he was able to communicate and interact with the world.

“I wanted to reinvent for everyone what it means to be trapped in your own body,” he said.

“This isn’t just about MND. It’s about any disability, whether from accident, disease, genetics, or even simply old age, even dementia. But ultimately, it’s about everyone on Earth breaking free.”

“I’m lucky enough to be a prototype, and neo-human, an early experiment in how humanity can make a huge leap into our future.”

Man discovers weird alien coin in a roll of quarters

A coin hobbyist has posted up a photograph of a coin which features the face of an extraterrestrial.

“I was inspecting a large bag of quarter rolls, opening them one by one to look for older pieces with high silver content,” he told Newsweek.

“In one of the rolls, I was immediately startled by an odd coin featuring the bust of an extraterrestrial. It stood out in stark contrast to the bust of Washington present on the other coins.”

The alien face included the word “Liberty” printed at the top and the year 1937 printed at the bottom.

Far from being a unit of currency from another world, however, this particular coin is believed to be what is known as a “hobo coin”.

There were thought to be over 200,000 classic hobo coins produced between 1913 and 1980 – each with a unique piece of artwork created by the homeless.

They were often made by altering existing coins using knives or other tools.

The identity of the artist who made this particular example, however, remains a mystery.

Life on the moon existed, the USSR spacecraft returned to Earth with evidence in 1970

During the Cold War, the United States and the USSR were under enormous pressure to win the space race. The Soviet Union was the first to land its spacecraft on the moon and, of course, the first to launch a satellite into space. The Luna 2 spacecraft became the first unmanned vehicle to land on the Moon on September 13, 1959.

In 1966, the USSR carried out the first successful landings and took the first photographs of the lunar surface during the Luna-9 and Luna-13 flights. The United States followed with five successful uncrewed landings on the Surveyor.

Moreover, the Soviet space probe Luna-16 returned to Earth with lunar soil containing evidence of alien life, which allowed scientists to answer many questions about the origin and evolution of the solar system.

On September 24, 1970, for the first time, an unmanned spacecraft delivered a sample of the lunar “soil” to Earth. The Soviet Union’s Luna-16 spacecraft returned from the lunar Sea of ​​Fertility with 101 grams of lunar regolith in a hermetically sealed container.

In February 1972, just 120 kilometers from the Luna 16 landing site, Luna 20 used a drill with a 25 cm hollow bit to collect another regolith sample that was also hermetically sealed on the Moon.

In the USSR, hermetic containers obtained during the Luna flights were promptly delivered to the laboratory to study and photograph the contents.

But even after hundreds of images were published in an atlas in 1979, the biological nature of some of the particles went unnoticed.

Reference: “Luna-16” was created by the design group of NPO named after S.A. Lavochkin under the direction of Georgy Nikolaevich Babakin. On November 17, 1970, Soviet scientists prepared a report on the preliminary results of a study of the physical properties of the lunar soil.

On December 21, the order of the Minister of General Machine Building of the USSR was published, according to which bonuses were awarded to developers and manufacturers of ground-based space infrastructure facilities. (Documents relating to the USSR lunar program were made public in 2020)

Further study of the images was carried out by biologists from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Stanislav Zhmur, Institute of Lithosphere of the Marginal Seas, and Lyudmila Gerasimenko, Institute of Biology.

The scientists noted that some of the particles in the photographs were virtually identical to the fossils of known species on Earth. In particular, they noted some spherical particles of regolith, where the material brought back by Luna 20 was very similar to fossils of coccoid bacteria such as Siderococcus or Sulfolobus in scale, distribution, shape, and the distortion of the spheres that occurs during fossilization.

Organic fossils on the lunar surface

The regolith of Luna 16 contained a fossil whose striking morphology did not go unnoticed by the editors of the 1979 atlas. Because of its concentric round shape with strong spokes, they assumed it was a tiny meteorite crater.

But Zhmur and Gerasimenko saw an unmistakable similarity between the fossil and modern spiral filamentous microorganisms, such as Phormidium frigidum, found in growing stromatolites in Shark Bay, Australia, and with spiral filamentous microorganisms from the early Proterozoic shiungites of Karelia.

The results of their new analysis of these particles were published at the astrobiology conferences in Denver in 1994 and 1999.

At the same conference in Denver, Zhmur and Gerasimenko also announced the discovery of biological microfossils in several carbonaceous meteorites found far beyond the moon.

“We thought the fossils in the meteorites were their most interesting find.” Although no one disputed the biological nature of these microfossils, a negative stereotype for scientists was subsequently formed of the rejection of these facts by the scientific community.

In March 2000, at a conference on lunar and planetary sciences, held in Houston, it was announced that there were signs of contamination in all carbonaceous and Martian meteorites that were examined for its presence.

Because microorganisms on the ground and on human hands can easily colonize meteorites before they are examined, and because petrification can occur in as little as a few days, fossilized microorganisms in meteorites are now widely suspected as remnants of recent terrestrial contamination.

Microfossils from the Moon are different. Each sample from the Moon was encapsulated on the Moon and opened only in the laboratory, where they immediately began to study it.

These fossils are reliable evidence of the existence of ancient life in space, but for some reason, mainstream science refuses to admit it.

The Ancient Giants Who Created The “Huge Cave Networks” In South America

When geologist Amilcar Adamy of the Brazilian Geological Survey went to examine rumors of a strange cave in the state of Rondonia, in Brazil’s northwestern region, he discovered the existence of many giant burrows.

Indeed, experts have uncovered other comparable enormous burrows around South America that are so large and well-constructed that you’d be excused for believing people built them as a conduit through the jungle in ancient times.

They are, however, significantly more ancient than they appear, dating back at least 8,000 to 10,000 years, and no known geologic mechanism can explain them. Then there are the gigantic claw marks that run the walls and ceilings; it’s now assumed that at least some of these so-called palaeoburrows are the work of an extinct species of giant ground sloth.

Researchers have known about these tunnels since at least the 1930s, but they were thought to be some archaeological building, maybe the remains of caverns cut out by our ancient ancestors.

The cave system at Rondonia was massive, and it is still the most extensively known palaeoburrow in the Amazon, double the size of Brazil’s second-largest palaeoburrow.

There are already over 1,500 documented palaeoburrows in southern and southeastern Brazil alone. They appear to be of two types: smaller ones that may stretch up to 1.5 meters in diameter and larger ones that can stretch up to 2 meters in height and 4 meters in breadth.

The peculiar grooves in the ancient granite, basalt, and sandstone surfaces, which he’s characterized as the claw prints of a giant, old beast, provided experts with their first substantial indication about what may be behind their formation.

Most are made up of long, shallow grooves that run parallel and appear to be created by two or three claws. These grooves are typically smooth, although some are uneven and may have been caused by broken nails.

The finding resolved paleontology’s long-standing puzzles concerning the prehistoric megafauna that roamed the earth between 2.5 million and 11,700 years ago: What happened to all the caves?

Researchers are now sure that they have discovered the megafauna burrows and have limited the owners down to enormous ground sloths and giant armadillos based on the size of the buildings and the claw marks left on their walls.

There is no geological mechanism in the world, they claim, that builds lengthy tunnels with round or elliptical cross-sections that branch and rise and fall, with claw marks on the walls.

The following is a visual representation of how the various tunnel sizes correspond to known species of ancient armadillos and sloths:

The researchers believe the largest palaeoburrows were excavated by extinct Lestodon ground sloths from South America.

Is man a hybrid created by aliens?

According to one of the popular versions, it was aliens who created man. And indeed, man is a very strange creature, very different from other mammals and living beings in general, following instincts, not intelligence.

According to this theory, aliens came to earth a long time ago and launched an experiment. They synthesized a person from several opposite components, which raises certain questions when studying the genome of modern researchers. That is, if a person is synthesized artificially, then he is essentially a synthetic. And it will not become one sometime in the future – but it already is right now. And man is a synthetic, and that is different from animals.

The most difficult thing was to give a person reason, spirit and free will, the opportunity to create, invent. Moreover, within the framework of a given experimental program. All the problems of human intelligence have also been implanted into our minds for a specific purpose, as the passages in the maze are placed in front of a laboratory mouse, which must find a way out.

Note that man is extremely imperfect and poorly adapted to life on earth. By the way, this is one of the reasons why we are seen as beings with alien genes. It turns out that we are from somewhere else — either from Mars, or from Phaeton, or, for example, from a hypothetical Nebiru…

Judge for yourself, a person is the only T.S. “animal” that walks vertically on two legs (there are even four—armed, and there are no more bipeds). It is very difficult for a person, unlike animals, to give birth — is it not a consequence of the extraterrestrial nature of some of our genes, human hybridity. And it doesn’t look like monkeys (our supposed ancestors) ever evolve into humans, they’re fine as it is… Only man has learned to speak. We have an unusually long gestation of the fetus, the achievement of puberty. In general, man is poorly adapted to life on Earth – weak, slow, without skin and fur, without claws and fangs, and at first there were few of us at all… And only reason has made us masters on the planet…

But our mind is also very strange. We still have animal instincts, and it is unclear where the evil came from — we are the only ones on the planet who can intentionally act to the detriment of themselves and their entire species. No living creature on the planet kills its own kind en masse, unlike humans… And after all, there may well be a situation when a person completely destroys himself. Are these not traces of a destructive program originally embedded in us, designed to protect the aliens conducting the experiment?.. Otherwise, the experiment would lose its meaning and become dangerous for the experimenters themselves.

But, apparently, it took a long time to launch even this program. According to Greek myths, before our iteration of humanity appeared, as many as three generations of people had to be rejected, too, by a self—destruction program embedded in them.

According to legends, there were others before our humanity. For example, they were stone giant trolls. But they were clumsy, stupid and cold-hearted. The aliens decided to destroy them, although, according to legends, some of them managed to hide in the mountains and merge with the stones, like chameleons hiding in the foliage.

Those ancient people (Neanderthals?) something did not fit the aliens. Obviously, they already wanted to create a person with all the necessary qualities (as friends or servants?) immediately, without any previous stages. In the end, our alien geneticists realized that it would not be possible to get humanity ready-made just like that, it had to go through some stages of development, and the direct intervention of an alien civilization in our development was also assumed. Aliens as “gods” began to teach people knowledge, a system of ethics, introduced the first taboos (prohibitions). And so they created acceptable conditions for their experiment. And after thousands and thousands of years, humanity has finally found its true form.

The aliens were initially interested in interacting with their younger brothers in mind. To such an extent that hybrids (demigods) began to appear. The Bible also tells about this — about the connections between angels and people, which caused the wrath of God. Some superhumans began to appear. Perhaps the so—called “blue blood” of the aristocracy is the legacy of aliens… And, in fact, how can this blood be “blue”? There is clearly something alien here. These people, the “aristocrats”, have become a significant competition for the aliens themselves. Especially at first. The experiment began to get out of control and the aliens themselves involuntarily began to become part of it.

Then it was decided to send a cataclysm and destroy the civilization of blue-blooded half-people, the civilization of hybrids. And leave only a pitiful handful of their descendants, whose blue blood began to mix more and more with human blood, and unable to resist a higher power.

Since then, the aliens have stopped interacting closely with humans. Direct contact was practically excluded in order to avoid the mistakes of the past. But they didn’t stop watching. Therefore, we sometimes see mysterious UFOs, with the pilots of which, as a rule, you just can’t enter into a dialogue. And if this happens, it is very mysterious, confusing and not always plausible. Like aliens themselves, they deliberately introduce an aura of mystery, absurdity and contradictions, so that a person does not understand what they are and remains confused. This is also part of the program.

But the bluebloods could not be exterminated at all. Some aristocrats were able to survive after the flood. Maybe megalithic structures were created for them?..

Not all alien geneticists and architects liked it, and they continued to look for a way to “gently” etch that aristocracy. And, as we can see, over time they succeeded. The enlightened bourgeoisie has squeezed out the monarchy almost everywhere. This process could have been provoked. Yes, it happened over a fairly long period of time, but aliens are never in a hurry, and time flows differently for them than for us.

There has always, however, been an intercessor of people. Even the most fallen. This is none other than Prometheus, he is in the Slavic tradition Veles, he is also a Finist. He once gave people such knowledge that other alien gods simply did not give. And he, as the god of power, patronized the aristocracy, the nobility of his kind in all ages, until it began to degenerate. This was the reason for the fall of the monarchy. And then the reverence of Prometheus was picked up by revolutionaries… Apparently, all this was inevitable.


Strange Bipedal Creature Caught On Surveillance Camera Near Texas Zoo

A Reddit user posted a picture that, according to his description, was taken recently by a surveillance camera installed near an 8-foot (2.5 meters) fence that runs along the perimeter of the Amarillo Zoo in Texas, USA.

In a photo dated May 21, 2022, an incomprehensible creature is depicted next to the fence, similar to a person with the head of a wolf or a dog. The creature stands upright on two legs bent at the knees.

The picture aroused great interest among Internet users. Someone thought that this was a werewolf or Dogman , others were sure that this was a man in a carnival costume, a child in a fur hat, or even that it was just some kind of tuft of grass or debris stuck in the fence.

You can clearly see the sharp long ears, very straight legs, long arms and tail.

More attentive commentators drew attention to the fact that the creature has very strange proportions of arms and legs for an ordinary person. It was also believed that it was a chupacabra who was attracted to the animals in the zoo and that she was looking around the fence in search of a loophole to get inside.

Another user stated that the photo was of an ordinary Texas coyote, whose body suffered from severe scabies and therefore lost its hair. And on two paws he was filmed by accident when he jumped. Although this theory seems to be very far-fetched.

As the user who posted this photo on Reddit pointed out, the picture was originally posted in a closed group of zoo workers on Facebook, and they could not understand what it was.

‘Time Traveller’ Says Celeb Who Faked Death Will Return

A self-proclaimed ‘time traveller’ has made a number of claims about what will happen later this year – including the return of a ‘dead’ celebrity. You can check out the rest of his claims here:

TikTok user @realtiktoktimetraveler has shared numerous videos claiming to reveal what the world has got in store for us.

In one recent upload, he shared some ‘big events’ set to happen this year.

The clip explains: “Some people don’t believe I’m a real time traveller so here are some pretty big events that will happen in 2022.

“17 June signs of the biggest ocean creature to date is found in the Pacific ocean.

“16 September a very popular musician will come out and admit he faked his own death.

“By the end of the year robots would have taken up to 20 percent more jobs, replacing humans.”

Perhaps understandably, the ‘time traveller’s’ fellow TikTok users were not convinced – with some saying he made similar predictions last year and then deleted the clips when they turned out to be false.

One person wrote: “Last time this happened the date came and they deleted the video.”

Another commented: “I wrote down all of your predictions last year and the one where it was the worst hurricane in history would happen in September 2021 it never happened.”

A third wrote: “You want people to believe? What is the temperature in Boston at 4.55pm tomorrow?”

While another person asked: “What’s going to happen when those dates come and nothing happens?”

This guy isn’t the only TikTok time traveller to make 2022 predictions – earlier this year, Aery Yormany (@aesthetictimewarper) shared video to prepare us all for the year ahead.

They wrote: “There is a lot you need to know.”

In the clip, the TikToker says: “I have been thought of as a fake time traveller for too long, so remember these three major dates in early 2022.”

They proceed to list three predictions for the coming year, including the discovery of a sea creature that’s even larger than a blue whale.

They explained: “11 March – the first human has a child with a chimpanzee, it can talk and has mixed features.

“19 April – a new Covid strain ‘omega’ emerges, five times worse than all other versions.

“17 September – the largest creature is discovered in the ocean, called the Cerine Croin, over four times the size of the blue whale.”

Well, I think we can all safely say the first one didn’t happen – unless someone out there is hiding their chimp/human hybrid from us all – so let’s hope they’re wrong about next month, too, eh?

The Strange Case Of Rudolph Fentz, The Man From 1800 Who “Died” In The Future

In New York’s bustling Times Square in 1950, a man named Rudolph Fentz was hit and killed by a car after entering traffic. Although not a completely strange occurrence, Fentz was nonetheless no ordinary pedestrian and was found dressed in 1800s clothing and strangely dated items. The upshot of which is that some suspect that he was some time traveler.

Rudolph Fentz: Time Traveler or a fictional fact?

Police officers searching for Fentz’s body after he was run over found among his belongings visiting cards with his name and an address on Fifth Avenue, $ 70 in old bills, a letter addressed to the same address in Philadelphia, the name of a salon and a receipt for the maintenance of a horse and the transport of a stable on Lexington Avenue.

Interestingly, however, the cavalry stable could not be found in any address book, and the hall was not found anywhere in the area, either. The address Fentz had on his business cards contained a business, but no one had heard of it either.

After initial findings, the case was turned over to Captain Hubert V. Rihm of the New York Police Department Missing Persons Squad who found the bank account linked to the mystery man’s name. However, he was told that the account holder had died five years ago, but found details of his wife. On the trail, she contacted the woman who told police that her husband’s father shared the same name and that he had disappeared in 1876 at the age of 29.

Rudolph Fentz appeared in 1950 in NY’s Time Square. The story is believed to be a work of fiction, with several different versions of the story having been published over the years. A 1951 news story, however, which was apparently the inspiration behind the other versions has since been found. Rudolph Fentz’s disappearance has also been verified by the investigation.

If the incident was a stunt, apparently the fact that Fentz looked confused and then was run over and killed suggests it didn’t end as he had envisioned. The other possibility was that he was not a volunteer participant and that perhaps he had been drugged before being released on the road.

Another possible explanation is that Rudolph was, in fact, the second, who would have died five years earlier. Presumably having left his wife and family and secretly started a new life until the day his body was discovered years later.

Is it possible that Rudolph Fentz has traveled in time?

Aliens From Other Dimensions Manifest Before Us?

Sometimes we feel a kind of presence around us. Although we can\’t see it, we always perceive a shiver or irrational fear, a way our subconscious tells us something is there… Could it be aliens from other dimensions?

While many people associate this type of sensation with ghosts, some theorists believe it could be something more. It is possible that alien races from other dimensions are manifesting before us.

Aliens from other dimensions “among us”

There is a theory that suggests that our existential plane is not the only one that exists. In fact, recent experiments may have confirmed the existence of parallel worlds.

If these alternate universes are real, they will likely also harbor life like ours. But Will they be like us or could they be other forms of life?

Without knowing it, we could be in the presence of space-time anomalies that allow the entry of aliens from other dimensions where their appearance cannot be appreciated by the human eye.

Assuming these specters are able to move throughout our environment, they can cause great doses of stress and irrational fear in people.

This could explain why footsteps are heard when we are absolutely alone; or unexplained noises such as tapping. These can be subtle clues that they are communicating.

It\’s not the first time we\’ve heard or read people denouncing how the doors of their homes are opened or closed. However, when they go to check, they are in the opposite direction. Chairs that move or appliances that turn on or off.

Even the sensation of unfamiliar smells or sounds within the walls for no apparent reason. Especially at night.

All of us, at some point, have witnessed these phenomena and, despite feeling how our defense system stays alert, we never find the origin or explanation.

Scientific evidence?

Two papers published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society look at what would happen in parallel universes with greater proportions of dark energy than our own.

Through large computer simulations, the researchers created universes with different initial parameters, thus discovering that the conditions necessary for the appearance of galaxies and places where life can appear are not as unique as is often believed.

Which would have important implications for multiverse theory.

Pascal Elahi, co-author of the study and a researcher at the University of Western Australia, said the simulations showed that the accelerated expansion of the Universe driven mainly by dark energy has an impact on the birth of stars.

Therefore, also in places where life can be born.

Thus, even science supports the existence of life in parallel universes. Life that could be totally different from ours and that, one way or another, could have found a way to manifest in our reality. Are there aliens from other dimensions among us?

China Creates Robots To Raise Children In Artificial Wombs

Researchers in China have developed an artificial intelligence robotic system to care for embryos in an artificial womb. According to The Independent, the robot nanny is already raising several fetuses, but not people, but so far only animals.

The researchers, who published their results in the Journal of Biomedical Engineering, said they intend to develop a technology that could allow parents to grow a baby in the lab, freeing women from pregnancy.

The scientists said the robot intends to “optimize and improve the embryo culture system” and added that they want to create an “online monitoring system” designed for “long-term embryo culture.”

According to research, the system also allows embryos to grow more efficiently than in a natural womb.

The report also states that “there are still many unsolved mysteries about the physiology of typical human embryonic development. The creation of such technology will also help to understand the origin of life and “human embryonic development”, as well as provide answers to the solution of birth defects and other serious problems of reproductive health.”

In 2019, associate professor of law Nira Bhatia and bioethicist Evi Kendal wrote in an article for The Conversation that artificial wombs could help premature babies survive.

They wrote: “At present, those born before 22 weeks of gestation have little or no hope of survival. And those born at 23 weeks are likely to suffer from a range of health conditions.”

“Using a sealed ‘bio-tank’ that mimics a mother’s womb could help premature babies survive and improve their quality of life.”

They also recalled an experiment in which a group of neonatologists in 2017 successfully reared lambs in an artificial womb for four weeks.

Previous attempts to grow embryos have been successful, but only for a few hours. However, doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia could support a lamb fetus for 28 days.

The system used to support the fetuses of a lamb looked like a huge zippered bag filled with amniotic fluid.

Center for Fetal Research director Alan Flake told the Huffington Post: “If our system is as successful as we expect, eventually the majority of pregnancies predicted to be at risk of extreme prematurity will be delivered to a system that keeps them submerged without the use of a ventilator”.

CIA Document Reveal That Soviet Union Was Developing Cybernetic Telepathy

The Soviet Union’s apparent use of extrasensory perception (ESP) and attempted creation of “cybernetic telepathy” is investigated in three recently revealed CIA papers from 1963 and 1964.

The papers include conversations an agent had concerning the USSR’s interest in creating ESP with Soviet scientists and a student. Based on these secondhand reports, it appears that the Soviet Union’s telepathic ambitions were as successful as America’s well-documented attempts.

One source stated, “At the moment, he does not have a clear detailed language program for this.”

“Rather, he has an overall goal for the future of finding out about ESP generally.”

In one of the reports, Soviet scientist D.A. Kerminov informed a CIA agent about his team’s effort to record (or “tape”) a pianist’s central nervous system impulses and transmit them into the arms of someone who couldn’t play the piano otherwise.

“That person would then be enabled to play difficult music – but also would retain some of this skill as permanent learning,” the agent wrote.

Kerminov, on the other hand, was unable to provide any useful information when pressed for specifics.

The agent who conducted the interview also gleaned hints of other experiments too.

“Kerimov claimed that Vasilyev had been able to demonstrate very strong ESP (extra-sensory perception) with certain subjects, but only certain persons are capable of receiving the ‘waves,’” he wrote.

“Some of the ESP, in which Kerminov admittedly believed, involved not merely guessing events, but the prediction of future random events.”

In their own ESP and telepathy programs, both the US military and the CIA attempted to explore the limits of human ability. Thousands of pages of documentation and amazing stories were generated by all of the programs, but no psychic warriors or techniques of direct connection between man and machine were established.


Tibetan Monks And Their Source Of Immortality

“A trance that lasts several centuries” is how researchers call the phenomenon of “post-mortem meditation.” Tibetan practice haunts scientists due to the unusual behavior of the body.

For example, the bodies of Buddhist monks, forever frozen in the lotus position, do not decompose. And the brain, apparently, takes much longer to die than in ordinary people.

“Everything is like a living”

A shrine of particular importance for tens of millions of Buddhists is located in Buryatia. Every year, believers from all over the world flock to the Ivolginsky datsan near Ulan-Ude to see the main miracle: the imperishable body of a monk in one of the dugans (temples).

“This is Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, who lived here a hundred years ago. In 1927, feeling his imminent death, he gathered his students and bequeathed them to check his grave every 25 years. Then he sat in the lotus position and began to meditate,” says the resident datsan.

In this position, he was placed in a cedar coffin. The body was discovered only in 2002. “Feels like he died a couple of days ago: not the slightest sign of decay!” says a local monk. “Even the hair hasn’t changed.”

Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov

This was also confirmed by specialists from the Russian Center for Forensic Medical Examination. According to them, the hairline is identical in properties to a living one. Although the body itself is considered dead: the body temperature is only twenty degrees.

For almost 20 years of research, scientists have not explained how this is possible. Moreover, Itigelov’s phenomenon is not the only one. There are similar “monastic mummies” in other countries.

“We thought otherwise”

Seven years ago, the body of a monk who died in 1852 was found in a Mongolian monastery. “Apparently, he died while meditating. This is the so-called tukdam: students gather around the lama and, as it were, absorb his energy. almost no moisture remains. However, the brain works and consciousness is preserved,” says anthropologist Gankhugiin Purevbata.

Controversy erupted. Some experts say that the monk is still alive – the body temperature, although below normal, is not significant. Others shrug their hands – it can’t be.

According to Buddhist ideas, in tukdam, a person controls consciousness himself. In this state, some lamas stay for a week, a month or several years, as if delaying the final death.

According to some scientists, this completely changes the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bdeath. “Western medicine considers a binary state: either alive or dead. However, as we can see, biological processes are not an on-off system,” says American psychologist Richard Davinson.

“Consciousness does not go away”

Hence the hypothesis: human consciousness “lives” for some time after the stoppage of all biological mechanisms. It is quite possible that the Tibetan monks learned about this many centuries ago and learned to “control dying.”

Davinson’s team investigated dozens of Buddhists in the tukdam. The main indicators of the body were measured both during meditation and after death. It turned out that the body in this state really decomposes much more slowly.

Another thing is the brain. Electroencephalography of 13 dead did not reveal any impulses.

True, the scientific community drew attention to an important detail: the monks were studied 26 hours after their death.

“Unfortunately, most Buddhist monasteries in India are located in hard-to-reach places,” notes anthropologist Dylan Lott. “However, indirect evidence suggests that after the vital organs stop working, the brain sends signals for several more hours. And during this period, consciousness, apparently, doesn’t leave.”

Different versions

It is the first minutes after cardiac arrest that scientists are interested in. This is because science is wrestling with questions about the nature of consciousness: what is it and where is it located? So the experts turned to centuries-old religious practices.

Russian scientists were among the first to do so. Two years ago, the Institute of the Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences agreed with the 14th Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, to establish two research centers in monasteries in southern India. Lamas were also studied in deep meditation.

It was found that during the “immersion” the body reacts much less to signals from the outside world. And this happens automatically, without the participation of consciousness.

This phenomenon is most distinct in tukdam. The body of the deceased looks like he fell asleep: no signs of decomposition, the skin is elastic.

“Any normal person, when he enters a room with a dead person, experiences a certain detachment, unwillingness to approach, discomfort. But there is nothing of this with tukdam — there is even a feeling of some kind of calm,” says Academician Svyatoslav Medvedev, head of the Institute of the Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Why this is so is not known for certain. Perhaps the tone of the body after death is maintained by the brain, in which some kind of activity is preserved.

“Another version: under the influence of meditation, when dying, some substances are released that protect cells from decomposition,” the scientist adds. But so far there are no answers to these questions. Research into the phenomenon of “post-mortem meditation” will continue.


Nikola Tesla Worked On A Time Machine: ‘I Could See The Past, Present And Future All At The Same Time’

Before that endeavor happened as expected, Tesla was finding astounding substance as to time, space and the opportunity of time travel. With the use of these alluring fields, Tesla found that presence could be manhandled or gotten to by making a doorway that could provoke a substitute time.

Notwithstanding this amazing disclosure, Tesla showed full care that time travel was significant stuff just to change. One area in the future could thoroughly change and wreck the current schedule.

Tesla’s first trial and error of time travel happened in March of 1895. One columnist said that they found Tesla at a little bistro, yet he looked extremely shaken and obviously had as of late taken 3.5 million volts of his body. The voltage almost killed Tesla on the spot, yet his accomplice ended the power of the machine from taking his life.

Notwithstanding for all intents and purposes passing on, he said that he wound up in a by and large special climate and time window. Tesla said that he was good for seeing the past, present and future all at the same time while being entangled in this alluring field. Notwithstanding having the choice to see all of this he noticed he was crippled from all the power the wattage was doing to his body, which provoked his partner unwinding the machine.

The very same exercises would end up occurring during the Philadelphia Project. At any rate the delayed consequences of that preliminary turned out to be truly miserable.

Perhaps the reasoning for Tesla practically passing on from testing is that individuals are not planned to change any sorts of time and that embracing reality for what it is the best decision.

What Are Psychic Powers And How Many of Them Are There?

Thanks to centuries upon centuries of scientific advancements, we humans have come to understand a lot about our reality. Really, the extent of our knowledge is truly impressive. Not only do we know about objects as big as galaxies, but we also know about the smallest subatomic particles.

However, even with all our understanding, it is a well-known fact that we are still barely scratching the surface. Reality is so beautifully complex that there are things that are still largely unexplained by science, and questions that remain unanswered. Fortunately, though, spirituality provides us with a lot of insight into the unknown. In a way, it addresses the realm that science still hasn’t entered.

Take, for instance, psychic powers. Spiritual and religious texts have forever mentioned and described a lot of these capabilities. This has been confirmed by countless accounts of people throughout the ages who have witnessed these phenomena first hand. But what really are psychic powers, and how do they work?

What Are Psychic Powers?

Psychic abilities involve all those acts and phenomena that can’t be explained by natural laws. Essentially, these abilities make you feel as though the accepted laws that we witness on a daily basis are being violated. For instance, if someone levitates in front of you, that would be against the law of gravity. And the generally accepted laws of science wouldn’t be able to explain that.

Although most people can learn and use psychic powers after rigorous training and practice, only a handful are born with a natural inclination towards them. These people find it really easy to connect with their inner being and the universe at large on a fundamental level. This allows them to manipulate reality in a way that seems like magic.

Now, there are many different types of psychic abilities. And usually, one person is able to master only one of these abilities. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and recognized ones.

Different Types of Psychic Powers

  1. Astral Projection

In the psychic world, “astral” means “of the soul“. Therefore, astral projection is the extension of the soul outside the physical body. Those who have this ability are able to have an intentional out-of-body experience wherein their soul exits their body and travels anywhere in the universe. This unshackles the person from a lot of limitations that their physical body is subject to. After all, the soul is free of the natural laws and can do whatever it wishes in whatever manner it wishes.

So, you can imagine sending your soul to some other part of the world and “experiencing” what is happening there. Even those who don’t have this ability often report having experienced it in their dreams or during meditation. This is not surprising at all given the deep spiritual significance of both sleep and meditation.

  1. Channeling

To understand channeling, we need to first understand that there are higher-dimensional beings that exist parallel to our reality. These are usually your guardian angels, enlightened souls, spirits of the dead, and so on. These beings cannot interact with us that easily. So, they use creative ways to send messages to us whenever there is a need.

One of these ways is channeling. In it, a psychic serves as the medium between the higher-dimensional being and the person for whom the message is intended. This can be really helpful for people as the higher beings have a much wider perspective on physical reality than us. So, not only can they answer our burning questions, but they can also guide us in our lives.

  1. Clairvoyance

This is a highly coveted psychic power. That’s because it shows that the psychic is deeply connected to the subtle fabric of reality. Even though most people think that clairvoyance is simply our intuition or sixth sense, that is not entirely the case. Clairvoyance is a powerful ability that gives a person an extrasensory perception of objects, people, locations, and situations.

So, they can figure out things that are simply not accessible by other people. For instance, a clairvoyant can tell what is happening at a different location with precision. They can also tell how a person is feeling or even what they are thinking.

  1. Dream Telepathy

Most people have heard of telepathy. However, they might not know about dream telepathy, a similar psychic ability that relates to dreams. A person who has this power can contact other people in their dreams. So, if you have this ability, you can talk to or appear in the dream of anyone you like.

The other person will not be able to tell that they are experiencing a psychic phenomenon. For them, it would be like seeing just another dream. However, when you tell them the details after they wake up, they will realize just how other-worldly this power is.

  1. Energy Healing

This is perhaps the most widely used psychic power in the modern world. Also, it is quite possibly the most useful one. Energy healing is the technique of using your spiritual energy to bring about physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing in another person. This happens at an energy level and involves the transference of divine energy into the other person.

There are many different kinds of energy healing in practice. Some of them are Reiki, Pranic healing, Psychic surgery, Qigong, etc. However, the underlying principles of all these types of healings are the same. It’s that we are all made of the same energy. And using this energy, we can be healed in any manner conceivable.

  1. Premonition

This is another one of the most recognized psychic abilities. This is so popular that it has been shown in countless movies and tv shows. After all, premonition is the ability to see events in the future. And who wouldn’t want this power? If you are lucky enough to possess this ability, you can foretell exactly what is going to happen, where it will happen and when.

This can be quite useful. It can allow you to even save lives and help people in a plethora of other ways. Those who want to develop this ability can meditate intensely for months or years and slowly do so.

Throughout history, there have been many people who possessed this ability like Nostradamus and Baba Vanga.

  1. Retrocognition

While the previous ability was all about the future, retrocognition is about the past. It is a power that lets you know how a past event unfolded. So, you could visit any location and supernaturally perceive what happened at that location on a previous date. Again, this can be helpful in a number of ways. It can help you find things, help people, solve mysteries, and so on.

Essentially, this psychic ability can give you front-row seats to the entire history of reality. Theoretically, it could even give you a window into the very moment of the birth of the universe!

  1. Telekinesis

This psychic power has been the subject of hundreds of movies. This ability lets a person exert an influence on a physical object without actually interacting with it. For instance, a psychic with this power can move an object just with the power of their spiritual energy or their mind. Telekinesis has many different forms. For example – pyrokinesis is the ability to control or create fire using the power of your mind.

Throughout history, there have been many cases of telekinesis, especially in India. Jesus himself was practicing telekinesis according to the Bible.

Admittedly, this is a rare psychic ability and requires tremendous powers to manifest in a person. Even then, it is very difficult to do constantly and draws out a lot of energy from a person.

  1. Telepathy

Last, but certainly not least is telepathy. This is an ability to communicate with other people simply by using your mind. So, communication happens without ever speaking words. It is said that in ancient India, sages and spiritual gurus used to talk telepathically even though the distance between them was in the thousands of miles.

What’s interesting is that many people who claim to have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings also say that they did so telepathically. It could be that telepathy will one day become a natural ability in all human beings due to our further evolution.

Final Thoughts

An increasing number of people are beginning to believe in the supernatural. As people gain a deeper understanding of reality and their own spiritual side, they begin to realize that there is more than we can perceive. This is leading to more people learning about psychic powers. As mentioned above, most people can develop these abilities through training and practice. However, some are just naturally gifted.

These were just a small fraction of the psychic powers reported throughout history. In our article titled
Buddhist Monks Superpowers: Rainbow Body, Levitation, Immortal Monks we showed many other powers possessed by Buddhist monks in remote monasteries high in the Tibetan mountains.

There are many different kinds of psychic abilities. Some give you the ability to perceive future events while some allow you to have an out-of-body experience. Some allow you to contact other people in their dreams while some allow you to move physical objects without any interaction. Whatever the power may be, it all stems from the subtle underlying fabric of reality that connects us all.

Hollow Earth Antarctica: Gateway To Aliens Within The Earth

The idea of a Hollow Earth may sound ridiculous, but the theory was once taken seriously by scientists and politicians.

Owen Egerton, director of horror movies such as Mercy Black and Blood Fest, is also a talented novelist. In his recent book Hollow, a religious studies professor who is mourning the loss of his son becomes fixated on the idea that the center of the Earth is inhabited by an advanced civilization.

“Hollow is the intersection of two obsessions, one being the Book of Job and the other being Hollow Earth Theory,” Egerton says in Episode 444 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “Who knew that those two intersected? But I think they were meant to be.”

The idea of a Hollow Earth may sound ridiculous, but the theory was once taken seriously by scientists and politicians, and even today it still has a few diehard adherents. “Almost every book event I did for Hollow, there would be one or two people at the back of the room, and they’d be really excited that I’d written this book, and I think really disappointed when I started saying the Earth is not hollow,” Egerton says.

To get to the bottom of the theory, Egerton even volunteered to sail to the North Pole on a Russian icebreaker as part of an expedition to locate an entrance to the Hollow Earth. (Hollow Earth lore holds that giant holes, known as Symmes Holes, are located at either pole.) Unfortunately the trip never happened, at least as far as he knows.

“It kind of went in and out of being able to happen,” Egerton says. “It was funded, and then it was going to have to be funded by people sending money, and it’s kind of gone up and down. But who knows? We might not be hearing from them for a few years, and then they’ll come out of the South Pole, and the world will have changed.”

While he was writing the book, Egerton viewed the Hollow Earth Theory as a bit of harmless fun, but recent events have made him reconsider that view. “When I was writing about the Hollow Earth, I was celebrating people’s ability to believe what was obviously not true,” he says. “But as the book came to be, and as Donald Trump was elected, I found more and more that those conspiracy theories weren’t so cute, that that power could move in a bunch of different ways—and a dangerous way.”

Listen to the complete interview with Owen Egerton in Episode 444 of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy (above). And check out some highlights from the discussion below.

Owen Egerton on the Alamo Drafthouse:

“It introduced me to a community of like-minded nitwits, and also that was really my film school. I would stay and watch these bizarre movies, some of them classics of cinema and others drive-in movies that Tim League had purchased. There was a period where Tim League basically heard about a drive-in that was going out of business, and he just bought all their movies. He didn’t know what they were. He drove up to—I think—Oklahoma, drove back, breaking the pickup truck that he had loaded all of these prints into, and basically he said, ‘Once a week, people can come in for free—because I don’t know what these movies are, because they’re not labeled—and we’re just going to watch them, and we’ll figure it out as we go along.\’”

Owen Egerton on directing:

“I got a call one day, and it was Jason Blum, and Jason Blum was like, ‘Yes, we want to purchase this script.’ And I said, ‘That’s great. There’s only one thing. Another group is kind of interested in it, and they were going to let me direct.’ And he’s like, ‘Oh, you want to direct, huh?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ And he said, ‘Have you ever done it?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, my first film just played at Fantastic Fest a week ago.’ And he’s like, ‘Send me a link. I’ll watch it during lunch.’ So I did, and I’ve got to tell you, that was not an easy day for me. I was like, ‘What is happening? Jason Blum is watching my film!’ And he called me back later that day and said, ‘We’ll make you a deal. We can find a way for you to direct this. Let’s do it.\’”

Owen Egerton on horror:

“I think, often, when the bigger studios get very excited about horror, when they see what a low-budget film can do—that sort of breaks the rules and frightens people by giving them something outside of the lines—all too often a studio sort of swarms in and says, ‘Let’s take that, and we’re going to clean it up, and we’re going to polish all the rough edges, and we’re going to give people something much safer and much more commercialized. And you find that happens again and again, with different franchises, and different horror intellectual properties. But overall I think horror is in a great place. Horror is far from dead. It’s alive and kicking. It’s kicking ass. And I don’t just mean that it’s raking in the money. I mean there are more voices, more diverse points of view coming into these stories, which is just making the buffet all the more delicious.”

Owen Egerton on Hollow:

“The ideas that I think work best for me start with a question, a nagging question. And for me, this question was: What is at the heart of the universe? These horrible things happen, people suffer, and people are lonely, and people are lost to each other, and also there’s such beauty—there are sunrises and babies. Both of these exist at the exact same time, and I was trying to understand, ‘Well, what does that mean? Is there a heart at the center of the universe?’ Which it turns out is the question that the Book of Job asks. … I read different translations—Stephen Mitchell’s translation really affected me, and his essays about it. A lot of different writings and thoughts on it. I just keep coming back to that question: What does it mean that the universe is both so painful and so beautiful?”