Uri Geller: “Aliens will stop Putin’s missiles”

Uri Geller believes that aliens will stop vladimir putin if he tries to fire his nuclear weapons. The Daily Star said the psychic thinks creatures from outer space will use advanced technology to scramble the *russian aggressor’s warheads.

Uri, 75, said: “With the click of a button, we can stop traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and we can knock out radar systems.

“We can do anything with cyber today – you can imagine what aliens can do”

Uri thinks extraterrestrials could visit us in the next five years – and will come in peace.

“If an extraterrestrial alien civilization lands here, it will not be an invasion. It will be friendly. If they were hostile to us, we would have been destroyed long ago,” he said.

“The aliens won’t let us start a nuclear war. I don’t think they would have to land for this — so that *putin does not press the button. There are so many other ways,” he concluded.

Uri went on: “I believe that there are a few extraterrestrial intelligences that are monitoring us. Some come from totally different places in the universe.

“We are talking about such sophisticated knowledge that we cannot comprehend.”

Uri claims to have had his mysterious powers tested by the CIA at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, where research has been carried out into nuclear weapons.

And he says the Americans called on him when they needed the Russians to sign the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty in 1991.

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